A regular customer of the Osaka store traveled a long way to visit the main store in Asakusa.

This is Mr. Kimura, also known as "Kim Nii", who is also a regular customer of Head Factory Custom Made.

Whenever you come to Tokyo for work, please take time out of your busy schedule to stop by.
The purpose of your visit this time is

Having a meeting about the order jacket that will be made next, and the order bag that will be made next.

The timing overlapped nicely, and Ichijima and the factory manager decided to take care of each other.

Select the type and color of leather to be used immediately.

Mr. Kimura has made a lot of custom-made products so far,
One item has never been made in a single color, more precisely, at least three colors are used, so the product is always colorful.

Before I knew it, the word "Kimura color" had even become a common language in the factory.

I'm a person who likes "color" that much.

This item was ordered before the Obon holiday.

I thought it was a relatively calm black and red two-tone,

I'm having a blast behind the scenes.

“Kimura-san, why don’t you go simple with all black once in a while? ! to the factory manager's suggestion

``I'll buy a ready-made product if I do it in black,'' Kimura dismissed.

I see, so that was the theory!

Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're enjoying the custom-made items.

Beside Mr. Kimura is a sandbag-type shoulder bag that was made before.

After all it is colorful.

Thank you for coming to our store!


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