Classic Rider Suit

This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Kobayashi who is riding KAWASAKI W1SA.

Regenerate the W1 that has been handed over with your own hands,
It seems that the engine and the body were all modified by myself.

This W1 will run hard in both city riding and racing.

Such a tough rider Mr. Kobayashi chose
Made-to-order coveralls produced at the head office factory.
We have repaired and adjusted the size of the jumpsuit that has been used for many years.

On this day, we will come to the KADOYA head office to pick up the finished product.

I immediately put on a jumpsuit and straddled my car to check the operation...

I also replaced the sensor base, which was worn out and worn out.
The position is installed closer to the front than usual.

Because the position of the step of W1 is in front compared to the current vehicle,
It seems that the front of the knee touches the road surface.

Ventilation is attached to the back side to increase breathability.
I was satisfied with the fitting of the coveralls that were resized.

“The W1 has a good engine, but it has a durable frame and
The car body is also wonderful,” said Mr. Kobayashi.
And one word, "It's gotta be this jumpsuit~"

A simple two-piece jumpsuit goes perfectly with the vehicle.

We will continue to support you.


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