Color mono leather special feature that colors spring <All seasons>

Leather jackets are very useful for motorcycle riders all year round .

(Although it's hot in summer...)

However, for those who say, ` `Black is going to be hot in the coming months, so I wonder if there are any other colors?''

Introducing the color lineup !

It's not too bulky and can be worn casually.

Also, as the weather gets warmer, I might feel a little lighter.

*This time, we will introduce a light three-season model that can be worn all year round, taking into consideration the upcoming hot season.

(Mainly refers to models whose lining is not quilted with cotton.)

■This year's new color, ATLAS NAVY

The outer material of this jacket is goatskin that can be easily worn, the lining is made of stretch material (but not mesh! This is important for the appearance!), and the back is shirred.

It is both elegant and versatile, making it easy to use on a daily basis, as well as being highly maneuverable. There are also padded bags on the shoulders, elbows, and back.

I also love the project I am writing about, Kotani. In fact, it's my first design, so I can talk about it a lot lol (I'll be careful this time though...)

I have been thinking about the navy model since 2018, when it went into mass production, and I imagined the blue sea of ​​the Mediterranean, like the name of a god that appears in Greek mythology.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

■FENNEL is kind of gentle even though it is a padded model.

This model was planned as a derivative of the Atlas above, and although it does not have shirring, it uses a stretch lining on the body, making it quite easy to move around in.

The padding is also not a lattice padded like ``The Kadoya!'', but a thin tuck roll/soft sponge is inserted to reduce contact with the body and pursue comfort.

In addition to the wine red pictured, navy is also available. (I want to release a new color soon...)

FENNEL=The name fennel comes from the plant said to have been used by Prometheus, the brother of Atlas, to provide the fire for human development.

(This is Kotani's Chuunibyo naming lol)

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Let's leave aside my little details that sometimes come up...let's move on!

Now, next is the popular model with a hood.

■EURO CAPP, a mix of detachable hood and Euro design

This model was released in fall/winter 2018, the same time as FENNEL.

Flexible goat leather and stretch material provide ease of movement and functionality with a pocket for padding.

Another selling point is ease of wear, and this model is the one we tried the most when it came to design.

Around that time, I was seeing a lot of British long jeans on the street, and I thought that this balance was really cool.

But our Kadoya? Can't we just let it out? While I was thinking about this,

``I want to have a single, symmetrical, and youthful feel, so I'm going to add a hood.

Oh, if you make it removable, you can wear it as a single rider.''

After much trial and error...!

Why is EURO CAPP not CUP? I'm often asked this, but CAPP is an abbreviation for CAPPUCCIO, and when I used to work at an Italian company, I often abbreviated it like this lol.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Ease of wear, ease of movement, weight, and impression when worn due to pattern cutting and material

In addition to functionality and safety as an additional element for bike gear. I think about a lot of things...

After all, you'll be running in a leather jacket, so you want to look good!

I always pay a lot of attention to the final design until I release the final sample.

In that sense, I think I took on the boldest challenge.

■MR-LOADED, which created a new design direction

In the winter of 2015, when this project started, Kadoya's lineup was

・Standard simple model

・Hard padded model

・Heritage model that has stood the test of time

That's how it unfolded.

I felt like I wanted to incorporate a new flavor into it,

I tried to make the image of the hooded riders that were popular at the time to be more aggressive lol

The arrival of a new era, the bike movement at that time saw the emergence of the Stophy/cafe style, which was a customized version of the latest model.

We have created a new, combative image with sharp edges.

The pattern cutting also incorporates the idea of ​​improving maneuverability, expanding the range of compatible car models, not just standard designs.

I remember it being around this time.

This model is still popular today. It is available in two colors: wine and black.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

There are a few small stories interspersed here and there lol

That's all for the first all-season colored leather edition!

Although it is irregular, I would like to post this kind of content from time to time.

Also, you might be thinking, "Oh, only navy and wine are available...?"

I would like to introduce other colors as well.

I always have trouble thinking about what color to use...

We will continue to try new things in terms of design, production, and color!

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