Metal with upside-down letters and patterns engraved is heated to a high temperature.

A manual foil stamping machine is used to apply force to the leather.

The reversed characters and patterns appear in relief, and the branding is complete.

Adjust the pressing time, strength, and temperature to make unevenness and add a brown color.

There are many processing methods that use different materials for raw materials and ingredients.

Among them, the branding iron has an uneven pattern.
An attractive method expressed with one material.

We often hear the word “brand”. The origin of this word is
"burned" in the sense of stamping

This is because they used branding marks to distinguish between their own livestock and other people's livestock.
I came to say "brand".

This indelible mark is not just for distinguishing
Proof that we spare no effort to make good things with pride.

With that in mind, we press each sheet by hand.


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