When I list some visual images of metal, it comes to mind such as robustness, luster, and weightiness.

Furthermore, if the color is limited to 'black', it is associated with 'strong things'.

A tool that is also a craftsman's 'hand'.

Among the tools for making leather jackets, black iron items are reliable
It exudes presence.

used for cutting wire and bending metal
A tool that doubles as scissors and pincers.
This is something I found at a second hand store, but it shows the power that doesn't make you feel blank.

"Eat off"
A tool with a blade that resembles a pincer.
Used for adjusting the length of fasteners and removing metal fittings.
As the name suggests, the meshing blades powerfully cut through metal and leather.
One of the tools you can't do without.

The Black version of the leather skiving machine that I used to introduce.

The atmosphere changes completely just by changing the body color to black.

I feel dignity in the outline and luster drawn by the black curve.

It looks like an antique object, but the motor is in good condition.

It's an active barbari.


Items that appeared