Yosuke Oki from DEAR

He is always calm and full of kindness, but at heart he is a passionate person.

That is Mr. Oki.

The first time I visited the main store was at the end of January when it was still cold and I will never forget it.
In the chaos of cleaning up after the bargain sale at the head office,
I ordered the BATTLE SUIT without a single disgusted look on my face.

The delivery was just after returning from the honeymoon.
In just 1-2 months, he is wearing a BATTLE SUIT beautifully.

My favorite car is TEAM Monster Energy color Kawasaki ZZR1400

This machine smells dangerous

I definitely like this style.

Mr. Oki is an active firefighter.

Assuming emergency rescue,
I am spending my days in rigorous training.

The other day, it seems that he ran through Tokyo and Aomori alone on a round-trip Shitamichi...

It is a work of a strong body.

Your wonderful wife and tandem style are also perfect.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.



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