A special innerwear to overcome the cold season on the bike.

It's already November this year, and winter is slowly approaching.

Recently, we have seen a large number of people who have just started riding bikes and come to our store to look for their first bike wear.
We are very happy that such a customer chose our standard leather jacket as their first choice.
This time we would like to introduce KADOYA's functional and cold-proof innerwear so that you can use your leather jacket on your bike in the coming winter season.

KADOYA cold protection innerwear with the best cold protection ever? [HRT5 series]


First of all, KADOYA's cold-weather innerwear is currently focused on non-electrically heated items.
This is a choice to coordinate with JKT riders who also respect style.

In addition, many regular apparel-type cold-weather innerwear have the function of converting sweat from exercise into heat energy, but since you don't sweat while riding a bike, we don't place much emphasis on this function either.
Basically, our HRT5 series supports cold protection with "strong windproof properties and heat storage and heat retention ability."
We aim to provide excellent cold protection just by wearing one piece under a leather JKT.

The current HRT5 series is designed to be used not only as an inner layer, but also as a light outer layer, and we are also particular about the texture of the outer material. Please check this out at the store.


Since last year, we have been developing the " JKT ", " PARKA ", " SWEAT ", and " PANTS " types.
This season, we are introducing a new " VEST " type to make it easier to coordinate with a variety of outfits.
Since there are no sleeves, it is easy to pair with tight-line JKTs such as TSR 2 and BONNY-0, which have thin arms.

If you have never tried the HRT series, please give it a try. The value of winter riding will change.
Personally, I recommend `` PANTS '' for the lower body, which is difficult to protect against the cold. I think the period when you can ride it will be extended!

“PACKABLE WARM” is recommended for cold weather innerwear that is easy to wear and carry!

For those who want light comfort and portability that allows them to wear additional items depending on the situation, we recommend this season's new product, ``PACKABLE WARM MDL.''


Because it is a so-called batting inner, it is popular because it is ``light and warm'' to wear.
This type of innerwear is represented by down, which protects against the cold by ensuring dead air through cotton.

There is a large pocket on the back, but if you keep stuffing the main body in there, it will become a size that is easy to carry. This is convenient.


Because the material is so flexible, it won't feel too tight even if you wear it under a JKT that is quite tight.

This is the most recommended cold weather innerwear for those who don't want to change the comfort too much with their innerwear.


If you have recently started riding a motorcycle and bought a leather jacket, you may be enjoying styling it by layering it with your innerwear.

But I can't stand the cold with such regular apparel! If you feel that way, please remember this page.

I think it will probably extend your bike season a little.

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