From Hachimantai to Sanriku Wangan Expressway by motorcycle

From Hachimantai Aspite Line to Jukai Line to Sanriku Wangan Expressway

There is also the fact that we are directly managed store staff, and every year Golden Week is a stormy business!

Before welcoming such a big spring event (?), I ran around on a motorcycle.

To the Aspite Line, which has just opened beyond winter.

Aspite line

This season you can run the snow corridor . There is a fair amount of snow along the way.

Matsuo Ruins

Along the way, there is also a group of ruins called the Matsuo Mine Ruins.

Dragon's Eye

Unfortunately the dragon eye wasn't open... it looks like it's still a ways off.

Jukai Line

After climbing the Aspite Line , descend on the Jukai Line and head towards the sea.


Then, head south from the Sanriku Expressway , which seems to have been fully opened in March,
I came back to Sendai while looking at the sea.

It's already been 10 years since the earthquake.


It was still cold in the mountains because it was before GW,
Is it the number 1 bike season in a year from this time to before the rainy season?

This GW, the weather was not good in Tohoku,
Please be careful not to miss the short and best touring opportunity!

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