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Article: Greetings, ○○○○○ people in Osaka


Greetings, ○○○○○ people in Osaka

I participated in the KADOYA Summer First Bargain, which was held over three days from July 18th, 19th, and 20th, as a temporary staff member at the Osaka store.
Even though some traffic was disrupted due to the typhoon, many customers came to visit us, and the days were hotter than the temperature.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Mr. S, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come over!
It is a great honor for Mr. S, who is engaged in manufacturing, to choose Head Factory's leather jacket, and it gives us confidence. Next, there is no problem with the combination of AS-1 and Thinsulate that is being planned. However, Thinsulate also has variations in thickness, so depending on the thickness, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of leeway to the body size.
I remember that Mr. S likes tight settings. Therefore, the next key point seems to be the balance between the internal and external dimensions.
I'm looking forward to it now, so please take your time!
Dear K, Thank you for coming all the way even though the scars of the typhoon remain!
We are happy to hear that you liked the best of our latest work.
I'm not looking forward to the sleeves of the fork boots this time, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they age in a different way.
Please excuse me from bringing a surprise to Macky!
No, please give me a break!
Mr. M As I was sewing patches on with my sewing machine in the backyard, I heard a voice from the other side of the door saying, ``Eh! Mr. Ichijima is coming!'' (Oh, it's Mr. M) and I immediately realized that. .
As always, the commitment to the double collar is incredible!
There is no doubt that the pectoral muscles trained by swimming and the wide open lapels match. The BGM is "Itoshi no Layla" and is perfect. I'm looking forward to the next "Large Inverted Three Double Collar"!
Dear I, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I didn't have much time to talk to you, but I'm grateful that you came over to talk to me.
The first thing that went through my mind at the moment of our reunion was the failure of the catalog model. I haven't forgotten.
Even if you have fewer opportunities to ride your bike, wearing a leather jacket is still the best way to maintain it.
Please pass through the sleeves regularly and apply oil.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you that night. If I have the next opportunity, I would like to be a little more mature...
Thank you!
Mr. T, thank you very much for allowing us to see the changes over time and for sharing your experiences with ventilation, which were very helpful. Would you like to visit our Tokyo main store for a second bargain? I will be in Fukuoka at that time, so I won't be able to meet you, but the person in charge of making the coat will be looking forward to it.
Please take care and enjoy your Hokkaido touring after that.My recommendation is Notsuke Peninsula.
Mr. K, didn't I say that you would reappear with your son in tow? Ichijima <Beach bathing! ?
All jokes aside, thank you for your continued support. How about all black?
Mr. S, thank you for visiting us from the farthest place this time!
I'm sorry to have received a souvenir from you.
And thank you for your request for the next work. I'm really looking forward to it because it's a bit different from what I've seen before.
I felt quite a bit of pressure going into the Osaka store for the first time, where there is a big boss who is tough and scary on the inside, a middle boss who is a nice guy and is scary on the inside, and a lot of regular customers. With a smile, I managed to get zero plastic.
I am grateful!
Mr. H, I was finally able to say hello! Unfortunately, I had gone home both days and couldn't hear the Z's exhaust sound. As a creator, I am very happy to see someone looking so cool in a custom-made leather jacket, in a world where people pay attention to everything they wear, from top to bottom.
This time I was only able to see the cool parts of Mr. H, but next time I'll be able to find a crack somewhere and screw my finger into it. Thank you!
I was relieved that Mr. H rushed over on the last day. After all, if I come to Osaka and can't meet Mr. H again, then Osaka will be reduced by 20%. As Manager Sasaki said, the vest you purchased was prepared just for Mr. H.
No, that's a lie. However, that best series is the main character behind the scenes that Head Factory is secretly recommending this summer.
I am very happy that Mr. H chose that one item. this is true.
I was prepared for a hellish night, but I'm looking forward to the next opportunity.
Please be careful not to drink too much. Thank you!
Mr. W, Kita City is always indebted to us.
The image I had of Mr. W was that he was a quiet, manly, nice-looking guy who laughed off people's stories, but...
That's it...
Thank you!
Mr. K It was fun!
The exquisite hem length of Mr. K's denim, the painting, the texture of his shirt, the depth of his hat, and his demeanor all combined to create a high-level atmosphere that was a little frustrating.
I'm really glad I was able to talk directly with you about my next work, Food Vest, and my wife's Eriboa custom.
Regarding Mr. K's handcrafted shoulder bag, please believe that I meant no harm when I said, ``How can I cut it so loosely? I want to do it the other way around.''
Rather, I was just so moved by the rattling condition that my heart leaked out.
I hope you can think of it as my jealousy because I can't imitate that rattling.
Thank you for coming all the way to see me off on the last day.
I can't get the sound of "Shuni~n!" from my ears at that time.
Thank you for the fun time!
Mr. H, thank you very much for your help over the three days.
There were so many interesting stories that we didn't have enough time.
Toilet seat lids, body fat and weak electric currents, A-2 custom obsession, Akikaurismaki, Skyline's round eyes, old man shoes with no personality, the importance of White Day and Christmas, and finally baked goods...
I was impressed by his gentlemanly behavior hidden behind his sharp humor.
I was sitting at the HF counter with my head down and someone muttered to me.
“Ah, I ran so fast that I felt nauseous.”
Those words are burned into my mind.
I'm already looking forward to seeing you next time!
There are still many things I am grateful for that I cannot write about here.
I was once again reminded of the obvious fact that KADOYA exists because of everyone's support.
Thank you very much to all the customers who visited our store!
Now, on the 25th and 26th, a second bargain will be held at KADOYA Tokyo main store, Sendai store, and Fukuoka store.
Please visit the KADAYA directly managed store, the human intersection for bikers.
Exciting encounters and dramas, not just leather jackets, are waiting for you!