In one corner of the 1st floor of the Ginza 5-chome Sony Building, there is a select shop called "AUGUST POP-UP STORE".

General broad and
Useful Competent
Tools Tools

"Tools" that pursue the essence,
For adult men who want to spend valuable time.

Based on this concept, it seems to be a space to order, introduce and sell various items from all over the world regardless of genre.

The selection range is wide-ranging,
For example, "Snap-on", which was the first to invent a separate socket wrench
"Turk Classic fryingpan" that continues to make seamless frying pans with the technique of beating and shaping a piece of iron.
In 1923, Suwada Seisakusho started manufacturing "Kikukiri" for carpenters.

The guidebook also says:

“According to one theory, men are said to have a hunting instinct, and to be particular about and attached to their tools.
When you hold a tool, mastering it stimulates a man's survival instinct, and admiring the tool fills your heart with joy. ”

This select shop, which will be open for a limited period of two months, plans to replace the displayed products over the span of two weeks.
"KADOYA" is introduced in the first bulletin.
The product being exhibited and sold is the Head Factory product "N-1".

I have a simple and clear view that "a leather jacket is OK as long as it looks cool", but on the other hand, I have the idea that a "rider's jacket" should be a "tool" as unfashionable functional clothing. is what Head Factory should do.

I am very happy that KADOYA was introduced in this project named AUGUST.

The fact that it is treated in the same line as the "PETROMAX" HK500, an original pumping type kerosene lantern and a mass of functional beauty,

It's a little touching.


Items that appeared