As Tears Go By

Speaking of leather suits on bare skin, it's Rebecca, not Fujiko.

Released in 1968, Rebecca is the heroine of the movie “Ano Mune ni Mochido”.
Although it is a work with extremely different evaluations, I think that the biggest reason why it still quietly remains as a cult masterpiece even after more than 40 years since its release is none other than the charm of Rebecca's character and Marianne Faithful who played it. will be split.

Wearing a jumpsuit and riding a Harley-Davidson, Mick Jagger's infamous girlfriend Sister Morphin Marianne Faithful.

I'm sure I'm not the only one fascinated by that shocking match.

However, unfortunately, Rebecca's riding in the play is extremely dangerous, and watching this makes me feel nervous.
The ecstatic expression while driving delusional without wearing a helmet goes beyond riding high, and it can no longer be said to be sane, and in the end it runs towards the iron plate ending of the 60's biker movie.

Aside from riding, the “Rebecca style with a jumpsuit on bare skin” has had an impact on later generations, but it is also dangerous in many ways to reproduce it on the real road. If it's a one-day hot spring touring day, it can be said to be reasonable equipment, but you can't get naked every time you run.

"HF RIDE WADER MARIANNE" is an item that reassembles Rebecca's image into pieces and reconstructs it with Kadoya's interpretation.

The 1.8mm thick oil soft steer provides safety and wind protection. Although it is one size free, it has a wide and tight fit due to the use of stretch synthetic leather, and can be worn as an extension of long boots, slightly lighter than chaps.
If you are sexy, wild, and slender, there is no problem for men.

It's the first item in the HF ready-made product lineup that I've been involved in developing, and it's an item that I'm particularly fond of, but in recent years, I've been entrusting all of the production to young people, so I don't have many opportunities to get involved.
In the midst of this, I received a request from Marianne to sew for the first time in a long time.

Looking through the order specifications brings back the frenzied memories of the time of development.

With a gentle smile like the rising sun, but in order to repay even a single arrow to the designer who gave out cold orders, he was just resting in the factory with the new chick craftsmen. Just when you feel like you're in the mood for something, don't you feel like you're staring at me and you can't help but stop when you look at me? I met a young craftsman who was looking at me with an upturned gaze as if to say something like that. After silencing him with the gaze of the counter, he took a deep breath and started working on Marianne.

The above-the-knee dimension is set longer than the ready-made product. Abolished stretch synthetic leather and made with all leather. Pyramid studs are newly installed on the outer thighs that do not come in contact with the gasoline tank. The customer's name and symbol are designed with leather around the hem.
Marianne glaring version is complete. Thank you for your request.


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