air conditioning

It's hot... it's too hot. It's been pretty hot this year...

Due to the record heat wave, the highest temperature was recorded in various places. The other day, the temperature in Europe exceeded 46 degrees Celsius...

Even though it's summer, the sun is still strong.

A small dog that can no longer walk due to the heat and is being held by its owner.

The soil of the plants that should have been watered is dry in no time...

But I myself can't become dry
I'm not here, so I'm just going to endure the heat...

To be honest, I hear words like heat wave and heat wave,
For me, who is good at the cold but hates the heat
The impression of every summer is almost unchanged It's always in the last minute.

So, try to conserve your physical strength so that it doesn't wear out as much as possible, and wait for this season to pass.
The usual style is to wait quietly.

But when it comes to work, that's not possible, so I'm going to put all my effort into fighting the heat.

By the way, air conditioning is normally working in the head office factory.
There are individual differences in sensible temperature.
It's a common theme today.

For that reason, not only the trial and error of clothes, but also cooling goods are increasing year by year.

Among them, the desk fan is an ace ◎

Then I suddenly thought that I would follow him even when I left my post.
Will you always send me the wind? Use a drone or something...

The delusion is expanding, but I believe that it will definitely come true in the near future.

A dreamlike story is around here... I was considering realistic cooling goods this year as well
An unexpected influential stock suddenly surfaced.

We met about two years ago. When I was waiting at a traffic light, the person standing in front of me was wearing it.
Nailed to the fan attached to the back of the work clothes ◎◎

It's the so-called air conditioning clothes!

From that moment on, I cannot leave my mind. Although the clothes are puffed up by the wind
Two men having a conversation with cool faces.

If you're sweating, does it feel like a fan blowing on you after taking a bath?

"This is cool!" Feeling guilty about...

But I want to try it... There's no reason it's not cool. And it's hot! !
While thinking about such things, while searching on the Internet, "Poch..."
I finally let go...

I am looking forward to this summer. You may be able to experience a dramatic change... the end of summer is approaching...

Is there any fan jacket release from Kadoya? ?

・Riders jacket equipped with fully movable air ducts
・Combination of leather and metal fan! ?
・The maximum wind power that inflates the leather is ○○ ... the battery is safe ○○ etc.

Ikenai. Delusions start running wild again...


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