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This is a personal story, but I like old things, and among various materials,

My eyes go to metal.

So we naturally gather...

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One of the pleasures is the aging of the metal, which, like leather, deepens in color and texture as it is used.

That's why I can't help but look at the metal parts of the leather jacket.

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Various metal parts before use that emit these brilliance

Depending on how it is used and the passage of time, each one has a different expression and an indescribable taste.

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"Gold plating" for a gorgeous image

It changes to a dull color and gives it a vintage look.

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"Brass" that you can enjoy aging at an early stage, including the scratched texture.

Polishing restores the shine, but the oxide film applied to the surface also serves to protect the metal.

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Deep and beautiful black "durl processing"

The underlying copper plating is exposed by friction, creating a soft image.

It's my favourite.

It's up to each person whether they perceive these as deterioration or enjoy it as a taste.

Some people want to keep the original state.

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On the other hand, some people choose antique processing that looks like it has been used for many years.

It is a popular finish, and one of the reasons why people like it for its nostalgic and solid image.

"Antique" is old and has a value, and it is sometimes heard that it is over 100 years old.

It is extremely difficult to create this atmosphere in a lifetime...

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you have a lot of options

Among them, I still think that no matter how small the parts,

I am fascinated by the feeling of use and the sense of time passed from there.

That's why we look at old things.

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Even if you press a single dot button, there is only one expression in the world.

You may feel some kind of attachment from that.


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