MCFAJ Clubman Road Race.
Among them, there is a race where old Harley-Davidson (H/D) cars are the main ones.
That is AVCC. .
(American Vintage Motorcycle Competition Clubman Roadrace)

The main regulations are
spoke wheel.
drum brake.
The exterior of the engine frame must be original for the model year.
Shift is hand change
And so on.

Participate in AVCC
This is TEAM HOT DOG Yonezawa.

Modified-class (A) 750cc or more
Machine is H/D FL1420

Yonezawa's racing suit.

Based on the classic style to match the atmosphere of the competition and the vehicle
The specs are MFJ official 2-piece jumpsuits.

The main body leather is Minkle leather matte black, which is also used in HF ready-made BRMJ .
(commonly known as oil black).
Minkle leather is a leather that we have been dealing with for many years,
It has MFJ certified strength.

Contrary to the soft texture, pulling, tearing, rubbing, etc.
In multifaceted fastness testing
meet high standards
Proven leather.

70's KADOYA logo on the waist.

Tsukuba Course 2000 Yonezawa runs through the first hairpin.
It was extremely cool.

I'm rooting for you!


Items that appeared