Is February a good time for repairs and orders?

Regarding repairs and orders

As described in the new information , we are currently not accepting repairs for other companies' products due to the work pressure at the head office factory.

We are still accepting repairs for KADOYA products as a consideration for our users.

But! …Currently, we have received a reasonable delivery date…We have offered a maximum of 3.5 months for normal repairs.

From now on, it won't fit in time for GW. If it takes the longest.

Also, regarding the order,

  • Semi-order: Up to 3 months
  • Full order: up to 5 months

It is.

From now on, do you think it will be a semi-order after GW, and a full order for summer during the season?



Until now, February is just perfect for repairs! It was a time like this, but this year it's a annoying place depending on the time you want.

Even so, compared to the time when the number of customers increases due to the arrival rush of new products and the beginning of the season in March, I think it is still a time when you can take your time to consult with us.

Concerns about your JKT...

Newly desired JKT consultation/reservation...

If you have anything, go to the directly managed store.


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