Hello, this is Harada.

The other day, on June 18th (Sun)
I went to Fuji Speedway.



Since members of our TRIDE RACING TEAM will participate in
For support.

member of the team
Mr. Kubota, the leader, and Mr. Okamoto.

Final check before early morning vehicle inspection
Machine just assembled the day before
We were both sleep deprived, but

High tension

Single-cylinder engine, neat appearance
Cylinder fins are so beautiful

I can't help but admire it.

HF blog for past race entries
I have you appear frequently

It's finally here!
This was my first time participating! !

The machine is a British car, single cylinder 1955 model
BSA CB32 Goldstar 350cc

Entry to LOC Junior A.

Just before qualifying
on pit road
Wait for the engine start whistle.

As usual
I'm nervous watching it.

this is before the final
at the starting grid.

It's as easy-going as usual.

Currently in the middle of the rainy season
Although it was cloudy from the morning
During qualifying, the weather was holding us up somehow.

However, just before the final started
It's starting to rain
Wet conditions at the start.

It has started!

I wish you all the best.


The machine is a 1940 model

At the pit road before qualifying.

as always
You will fall in love with the sense of unity between the rider and the machine!

Entry into the LOC PRE-1950 class.

Racing suit of TRIDE RACING TEAM
Originally, the motif is a vintage racing suit owned by Kiyoita.

during the previous class race
We will wait in the paddock in front of the pit road.

Dozens of entry vehicles finished the reception before starting
They line up in narrow rows and fit in.

The tension will naturally rise, but
LOC Regular Kiyoita-kun


By Kiyoita-kun's side, it's always the same
Tiger riding Yoshi will support you as a pit crew.

Here is a shot from qualifying run
Kiyoita-kun and Okamoto-kun who entered a different class
Each lap was repeated at their own pace on the 4km course.
To be able to fit a two-shot with my teammates within this narrow camera frame...

the final is
while the road is wet
A series of falls and crashes
Second half red flag waved
Race interrupted
It ended as it was.

They both made it out safely and came back.

1961 TRITON-650

Norton featherbed frame
Equipped with separate Triumph engine

Head to the silencer on the right side
The exhaust pipe of the collecting pipe is Spartan.

I'm Koyama-kun.

I was away from racing for a while due to maternity leave
It's been a long time since I've returned to racing at the local Fuji Speedway.

Entry to LOC Heavyweight A.

to adjust the machine
Old Triumph Specialist
This is Mr. Oishi from TRIDE MOTORCYCLES.

Due to machine trouble that occurred during practice the day before.
take the vehicle back to the shop
It is said to be a work that lasts through the night.

In the preliminaries that faced sleepless nights
okay, clear the problem
between the finals
In the warm-up area next to the paddock
Cab setting, brake adjustment, etc.
We are fine-tuning.

Now, to the stage of the final
It doesn't have the usual Koyama-kun's friendliness.
I'm in combat mode.

A two-shot of Oishi-san and TRIDE's ace rider Koyama-kun
It's cool ~.

Result of qualifying run
The final starts from the 4th row, 10th grid

With a good start, it overtakes the upper class vehicles from outside.
I will run fast in the upper group.

blowing up on the home straight
Triumph's high register exhaust note is
My body was thrilled and I got goosebumps.

6 seconds faster than qualifying
He improved his own best time by 2 seconds and won the class victory.

No~ Koyama-kun
It felt good to watch!

Members of the usual tiger riding who rushed to support

in a friendly relationship
without special care or being taken care of
Sometimes relieves riders' tingling feeling
Running around as a pit crew
Watching races of other classes,
There is a fulfilling fun separate from the competing riders.

No matter when I come to the racetrack, I feel refreshed and the best!


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