Hello, this is Harada.

The other day, it was held at Tsukuba Circuit on Sunday, October 1st
I went to the 2017 CLUBMAN RODE RACE.

This is the final round of the 2017 series.
Members of the TRIDE RACING TEAM will also participate in the race, so please support them.

Participating team members
Early in the morning, as soon as the circuit gates open
Busy with pre-qualifying vehicle inspection preparations, dressing, pre-run meetings, etc.
We are dispatched early in the morning according to the players.

Hey? A bike next to a tiger...

at 5:20 in the morning
We met at the Moriya parking area on the Joban Expressway...

Kadoya staff, I'm Kotani-kun from the planning team.

Young and full of career
I have work experience abroad
Full of vitality, active and friendly.

Gate in with Kadoya's next-generation Hope!

Representative of TRIDE MOTORCYCLES
Mr. Oishi also arrived
Quickly unload the race car
Prepare for vehicle inspection.

After the vehicle inspection, before the qualifying run
A meeting with the riders and pit crew will be held.

When the meeting is over and the engine is warmed up
Soon it will be time for qualifying runs.

Until the rider changes into a racing suit and moves to the pit
Wait for a while.

in front of our paddock booth
Because it is a waiting place before moving from B paddock to A paddock
It suddenly became busy and lively.

here we go
Finally, Mr. Kubota

get up from the chair
Slip the sleeves through the suit.

Since joining the LOC
Mr. Kubota's racing suit, which has never crashed,
I am familiar with a body well, and horse mackerel appears,
So beautiful!

This two-shot is thrilling.

Kiyoita-kun and Machine's INDIAN SPORTS SCOUT, and
Okamoto-kun, who will be in the pit crew without participating in the race this time

Passing through the pre-start check tent before entering the pit road.

New Rios boots have been decided
It was so cool!

Qualifying as usual
Engine start on pit road

About 10 minutes of running
The final grid will be determined in order of the best lap time.

Even so, Otani-kun!

Although I participated in the support for the first time
Quickly blend in with the members of the racing team
Lively wherever you are
This and this, if you realize it, it's been moving around for a long time.
the paper you have
Times, standings, and final grid table after qualifying runs.
Why do you pay attention to details?

engine starter

This time I was entrusted with this starter for the first time.
In the pit road start qualifying
With a frustrating and frustrating look at the rider before the run
I was pretty depressed.

"I can't make any mistakes in the final..."

Mr. Kubota didn't reach the pole position, but
Starting from 2nd in the front row

No, I was nervous.

Successful start of finals

This machine this time
Mr. Kubota, who said that he would drive Matchless-G50, a famous British car

according to the word
Even from our eyes that always see
Mr. Kubota's spirit is clearly conveyed

preliminaries, finals and
He had a really great run.

From participating in the race until now
From assembling the engine and body to painting the exterior
Mr. Kubota who did everything by himself

I admire that racing spirit.

Loaded on the carrier of Mr. Kubota's car
FRP racing tank
The one for my racer who will be restarting after a long time.

When will we be able to race together again?
Although I have no plans

for repainting
To ask Mr. Kubota.

When is the race track
Excited, excited
It warms my heart.


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