We would like to introduce the new head factory products released this winter, which are already on display in stores.

Following the characteristics of old motorcycle jackets, European adventurers, and aviators, the winter model " DE-MOD " has been reconstructed as a single rider jacket, with excellent heat retention and storage capacity.
HF GOAT is used for the main body leather, and the distinctive front design is composed of a layout derived from the balance of the placement of large pockets.

The length that covers the waist and the cut-back waist belt that connects to the side belts create a calm atmosphere and comfort.

The lining uses Head Factory's standard super hard twill quilting, and the batting is quilted with thinsulate high loft at 120 grams.

Thinsulate high loft with excellent air layer retention keeps you warm for a long time.

The model is 173 cm tall, weighs 63 kg and is wearing a size L.
The inner layer is a single shirt, and there is still plenty of room to layer inside.

The hand warmer pockets on the flanks have a wide opening and are positioned so that you can easily put your hands in them.
The bag is made of corduroy fabric that is soft to the touch and warm.

When you open the front zip, the dot button opening and closing pocket is hidden in the large overlapping front matching space.

The outer pocket with rain lid sewn into the top and bottom is a smart flat patch pocket with no gusset, but in order to give it a minimum amount of space, the contents are not easily crushed and the contents can be put in and taken out smoothly. Finished to

The body line of "DE-MOD" adopts a box silhouette that is close to the body. By adjusting the side belts, you can make the waist area sharper and eliminate extra inner space.

The large pleats on the armholes easily cover the forward swing of the arms to the horizontal.

Raise the mouton collar boa and secure it with a belt.
"DE-MOD" is designed with a slightly larger neckline, so you can adjust the fit in two stages by adjusting the belt.

A mouton belt is sewn into the inside of the cuffs, and by squeezing the flap, the pile fits the wrist,

Compatibility with gauntlet gloves is outstanding.

It's been a season where you can feel the chill before you know it.

It may be the best time to ride a bike.

At the same time, it is also a time to enjoy choosing outerwear in anticipation of the arrival of winter.

Please try "DE-MOD".


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