This is Harada, the factory manager.

Held once every six months Supporting Kadoya Bargain as a staff member
I went to the 1st bargain stage, the Osaka store.

This time, I haven't been able to introduce it on the HF blog usually.
We will feature the changes over time of custom-made jackets received from various customers!

Even if you say aging in a nutshell, the type of leather, the volume of the lining, the purpose of use, the frequency of wearing, etc.
By changing to various different facial expressions,
You can imagine the customer's taste from the selected leather,
From the frequency of wearing and the purpose of use, you can imagine the lifestyle of the customer,

As time passes, the owner's way of life is reflected.
It is no exaggeration to say that
A material that is very loyal and honest to the owner... I think that's the material [leather].

[Mr. Hidaka]

in the cold,
For two days, he visited us on his beloved Z1.
Previously, N-3B using Dia that was posted on the HF blog at the time of finishing
The wear period is about 2 years, and it seems that the winter season when it gets cold is the main turn.
It seems that you are very pleased with both the comfort and the heat retention.
Above all.

On the other hand, the AW-1 using Dia that you wore on the second day.
Besides winter, it is used frequently in summer, so you don't have to worry about it even on rainy days.
He said he doesn't do much maintenance.

Although it is made of the same deer material, it depends on the content of the lining and the season and frequency of wearing.
The leather hit and color change will be different.

Both have a good texture with horse mackerel
Above all, it was a great match for Mr. Hidaka!

We have received orders for 2 more



[Mr. Sakamoto]

I am a friend of Mr. Hidaka, who appeared earlier.
W jacket with D pocket
I got an order in black from Deer.

Mr. Sakamoto, this day is the delivery date.
It seems that you liked both the size fit and the texture of the leather
The customer's point is
The large D pocket on the left front body, the length of the epaulettes, the hemline on the back body, etc.
The metal parts were unified in black, creating a very sophisticated atmosphere.

Mr. Sakamoto
In the presence of Mr. Hidaka,
We are in the middle of a meeting to confirm detailed specifications for the next order. . .


[Mr. K]

Used in HF N-1 with the release of [HF-GOAT]
EARLY SPRINTER's custom-made shirt with [aniline coat] specifications, which has been discontinued.

I am the owner of the horizontal photo at the beginning.
It wasn't flat, was it?
Even after the owner took it off, it still maintained its solidity!
That should be the case, because I wear it almost all the time except when I'm taking a bath.

It's been worn at work and even when sleeping, so it's been about half a year so far...
Beautiful horizontal wrinkles on the elbows, sleep wrinkles on the back,
It is exactly Mr. K's unique horse mackerel.

On the other hand, I received an order for this one about a year ago.
It is MERIDEN BONNY/MODEL-0 with oil soft steering specification.

It's only been a year!
Although it is soft, if Mr. K puts 1.8mm thick leather
In the middle of the day, Buri Buri! !

Both wears are safe now.
Like the order jacket, it seems to be a member of the rotation.


[Mr. Fujiwara]

First of all, before introducing the jacket,
Well, it was cool! !

He had a great style, was very cheerful and had a great atmosphere.

This is
Made with [SJ-Soft] leather, which is currently out of print.
MERIDEN BONNY/MODEL-0 based order jacket

Roller Fujiwara who always comes to the store with a guitar in one hand!
This time's insistence
As you can see from watching it, the details are full of personality and
Although it is, we aim for a tight and just fit from the fitting of temporary sewing.
The person in charge said that they paid particular attention to the size.

I have received many orders from Mr. Fujiwara so far.
Each was individual.
I heard that you really liked this jacket,
It was a happy word above all.


[Mr. Kimura]

You have appeared on the HF blog many times until now Brother Kim! !

Mr. Kimura's latest order jacket finished at the end of last year
Wear it and come to the store.

This jacket is also a Kimura color explosion! !
Because there are too many types of leather used

I apologize for the explanation of [Kimura color]!

How is this person wearing a leather jacket?! !
That's why I took a leisurely stroll around the store on this day.
With eyes like a child searching for treasure, with a smile.

I think I found it!

Papa is with me next to me... Hmmm?
Urano supervisor! !


Mr. Kimura, always and always, really, "Azassu!!"

[Mr. Yukimoto]

Mr. Yukimoto also receives orders full of originality every time.
I have introduced it on the HF blog many times,
This time, the jacket that was worn when visiting the store was last October,
The pants are made-to-order items that were finished in May last year.

Jacket leather is drum-dyed brown
The inside cover is made of the same material as the mouton on the collar.
Body lining is acrylic boa, sleeve lining is super hard twill quilting
This jacket is a complete cold weather winter specification.

On the other hand, the leather of these pants is
Deer Brown.
A dress full of details that are perfect for Yukimoto's specifications.

About a year or so
The contrast between the leather hit and the color can be seen here and there.
There was a very good atmosphere.

In the cold, I came to the store with my favorite machine.

Yukimoto-san, every time, "Azassu!"

[Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama]

Every time I see you, you are a really stylish couple

It becomes a picture! !

Just last week on the HF blog, my husband's latest order shirt
I introduced you,
“I really like leather jackets and leather things.
You have a lot of knowledge about clothes! ”,, (Kitaichi)

The jacket and shoulder bag are the same navy vintage steer.
(This is also currently out of print.)
The detachable coyote fur attached to the order jacket I received before
Today, I casually set it with this jacket.

and under the jacket

Two-tone color with red body and navy sleeves
(both colors are now out of print)

HF-DEER FLAT TRACK RACER select order shirt.

It is said that you can wear layers without stress.

About 2 cm wide around the hem for a sneak peek
It is good to use the coyote fur as before.

always with a smile
charming wife
Today too, I'm wearing a rugged 1.8mm hard steer double with a smile on my face.
It made a creaking sound (the sound of leather creaking).

Although there were blanks along the way
After about 5 years of maturation period, there is a splendid bite on the inside of the sleeve.

HF SL-W1 (glossy steering) which is now out of production.
What you can wear in such a soft atmosphere
His wife's calmness is unique.

Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama Always always "Azassu!!!"

[Mr. Hatanaka and Mr. Henmi]

These two at the end

You are a super heavyweight user of the Osaka store.

Two people who came to the store separately...

in a very natural way

Meet up in the store,,, "It's not that, it's not this..."

Before you know it, in front of the cash register

What are you doing

"Mmmmm... Suspicious..."


Buy all together! !


Standing tall! ! !

HF AW-1 [matte steer 1.8mm thickness discontinued product]
I bought it.

[Thanks! ,Thanks! ! ”


Items that appeared