How to enjoy weekend racing

I participated in the Tsukuba Tourist Trophy, a race held at Tsukuba Circuit on July 16th.

About a year ago I started running on the circuit and have participated in mini bike endurance races and small races several times, but this is my first time participating in a full-fledged race.

It rained continuously from the day before the race until the morning of the race day, but miraculously it stopped raining and the road surface was dry.

(Vehicle is KAWASAKI NINJA250 2013)

In the qualifying (time attack) held in the morning, he was 5th, and the final race started from 5th on the grid.

It just so happened that I got off to a good start and entered the first corner in 2nd place, but for a short while, I was surprised by the battle for the lead right after the start, which I experienced for the first time, and I fell back to 10th place all at once... (laughs)

(The racing suit uses RSI-RS, which we sold about 10 years ago, and the gloves use GPS GLOVE-K .)

There were interruptions due to red flags due to falls on the way, but I was able to finish the race safely.
14 entries, 12 starts, and while running at the tail end of the leading group of 7 cars, they moved up one place on the last lap and finished 6th.

I was able to realize once again that a motorcycle is a wonderful vehicle that can be enjoyed in various ways, from leisurely touring while watching the scenery, to sports riding and racing on the circuit!

At KADOYA, the only item that can be used for racing at the moment is the glove GPS GLOVE-K, but as a staff member, I think it would be nice to increase the lineup of racing items in the future.

Everyone please enjoy touring and circuit driving safely!

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