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Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

kadoya official online


kadoya official online

"THOMPSON" is a new product of Kadoya's fabric mesh jacket.

At first glance, this looks like a mesh jacket, but it's not just a mesh jacket, it looks like a jersey, but it's not a jersey!

It is a mesh jacket that is a little different.

kadoya official online

First of all, the two lines that descend from the shoulder look like a jersey.

(To put it simply, imagine Kamen Rider New No. 1).

And the fabric also uses a stretch mesh material like a jersey. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it with a tight line that fits well.

Nandi's shoulders, elbows, spinal cord, and chest are equipped with full pads, so L size is the best match (M size if you don't have pads).

kadoya official online

Kadoya's original sliders are used for the zippers attached to the sleeves, and the opening and closing is light and smooth.

With just the mesh fabric, the lining can easily get caught in the zipper, but the leather tongue is attached to the inside, so that kind of situation is avoided!

kadoya official online

The breast pocket is canceled, but this is also a device to make it a jersey-like design.

A leather patch engraved with NEW AGE on the left chest creates a casual and fashionable look.

kadoya official online

Various protectors are sold separately, but the chest protector is designed to be easily removable.

You won't feel bulky when you put it on or take it off. It was well thought out so that it would not slip off.

kadoya official online

Leather is also treated with the cuff on the front side. Each zipper is designed to protect the tank from damage, which is a proof of rider-first design.

Well, that area is just made by Kadoya!!

kadoya official online

The spine pad on the back is less noticeable when off the bike.

If the material is a mesh jacket, the mesh will inevitably feel like mesh and mesh, and the shine will be too strong, but it's matte and chic, so you can use it with a feeling close to everyday wear ◎.

Once you pick up the actual product and compare it, you will notice the difference from other mesh materials.

kadoya official online

Even if you straddle and take a riding position, your back and arms will not be strained. The strength of the stretch fabric and the design are the keys to victory! Kadoya's 85-year history is not dated!!

kadoya official online

It also absorbs water and dries quickly, and even if you sweat a lot during touring, there is little change in shape, so it can withstand washing with plenty of room.

I want to wash the mesh jacket properly and wear it while appealing to the cleanliness!

Summer bike wear can be used wildly and stylishly!

We are entering a new generation!

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