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Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

"Astro Parker"

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One of Kadoya's new spring items is this "Astro Parka". Because it can be worn in all seasons, it is very convenient to have one.

This time I wore this hoodie and checked it out!

kadoya official online

It's not completely waterproof, but I'm very happy with the high moisture permeability and waterproofness!!

Even when the weather is unsure whether to wear a kappa or not, the Astro Parka allows you to go straight ahead with no top!

kadoya official online

I checked it in the real rain where Sanitora was leaking, but the T-shirt inside did not get wet.

Because it has an inner lining, you can spend a comfortable time without getting sticky due to rain or sweat.

kadoya official online

The high level of waterproofness is probably due to the use of waterproof fasteners on the front, chest, and back.

This makes it difficult for rainwater to enter while driving. This will be useful not only when riding a motorcycle, but also for mountain climbing! .

kadoya official online

The hoodie is fastened with two hooks behind the shoulders.

By stopping it, it will not swell due to wind pressure or flutter when riding a motorcycle.

kadoya official online

As long as I'm happy that the back, shoulders, and elbows are equipped with genuine pads. By the way, the Astro hoodie is made a little larger, so my arms didn't get bloated.

Because Nandi has a strong arm, depending on the clothing, if you wear an elbow pad, your upper arm may be squeezed, but there are none! In addition, since various pads are detachable, it is also possible to use them after removing them.

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The back has a ventilation that can be opened and closed with a zipper, and if you ride tandem, it will be convenient for the person behind you to put some small items in it.

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And this is also a big point, but if you open the front zipper, you can take in the running wind, and if you open the zipper under the armpit, the wind that comes in can escape to the outside.

By the way, the black part is made of stretch nylon material, so the movement is very smooth! It's comfortable to wear and easy to move around in, so your shoulders won't feel tight or stiff when you get off the bike.

kadoya official online

In addition to the black x navy that Nandi is wearing, there are also black and black x navy. Although it is equipped with functions for motorcycle use, it can also be worn as street clothes!

I thought it would be easier to understand the video, such as the explanation of the function, so I uploaded it to Youtube. Please check here!

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