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Article: "Special feature" Harley and adult styling

"Special feature" Harley and adult styling

A man wearing double riders

This season's new products are a casual lineup that can be used for around town. Rough styles that perfectly fit in with today's motorcycle fashion, such as rider jackets made of supple leather that can be worn smartly, and pull-on boots that can be worn like sneakers.

Furthermore, we have created a new design that is conscious of modern fashion, while not forgetting Kadoya's identity, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of safety and long-term use. Kadoya's riding gear.

leather sneaker boots

All-leather pull-on boots with a flat sole. The leather itself is soft and the shaft part is tilted forward, making it easy for the ankle to move, and the more you wear it, the more wrinkles are carved into it, giving it a unique look.

In addition, the shoes have padded leather on the areas that rub when shifting, and have a replaceable sole, making them tough and feel like sneakers.


Tough boot socks made of densely knitted thick yarn. Another key point is that the folded part has an olive color scheme so that it can be worn folded over boots.

Double riders jacket TOURUS

A simple rider's jacket made from cowhide leather with a supple finish similar to deerskin. Light and stress-free to wear.

Another highlight is that the belt buckle has a leather cover to prevent damage to the tank and other parts of the vehicle. It also has pockets for attaching shoulder, elbow, and spinal pads for safety.

gauntlet gloves
The appearance is classic but functional!!!

Gauntlet-type winter gloves with a classic feel.

It is made from durable cowhide leather with a high texture, but the three-dimensional design makes it comfortable and fits comfortably in your hand. The interior has a boa on the instep side and fleece on the palm side to provide both warmth and operability.

It also has modern specifications such as waterproof and breathable film and smartphone touch compatibility.

"Based on basic double riders"

Double riders have a hard look, but pair them with sneakers for a casual look!

Leather jackets tend to look black overall, so we recommend adding some color with socks to differentiate yourself from others.POINT

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