KJ-REGULAR domestic riding jeans released last year with a simple and quirky design.

And the new KJ-SCR, which was born as a derivative model this season.

This time, I would like to introduce KADOYA's thoughts on riding jeans.

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- Reason for MADE IN JAPAN -

While incorporating design, safety, and functionality suitable for riding into a simple and unobtrusive piece, thick (14 oz) domestic stretch fabric is used for denim so that you can feel the " texture of Japanese manufacturing" firmly. KJ-REGULER is sewn at a factory in the holy land of Kojima, Okayama Prefecture .

This season's new KJ-SCR was born with the aim of creating a cooler biker image while maintaining that quality.

◆ Basic design

It has a basic design that enhances the elements that can move as riding pants.

The fit from the waist to the hips is improved when sitting, and the pattern cutting takes into consideration the bending and stretching of the knees, so you can feel the difference when you wear it.

It is easy to take a seated posture and eliminates the sluggishness of the hips that is common with riding pants.

Based on the old pants from the vintage motocross scene, we incorporated a switch and darts (thin triangular pieces of cloth sewn together to create a three-dimensional shape that fits the body shape).

Because the basic functions and design direction are almost complete, we have completed a bike that allows you to enjoy a more biker-like design.

Although it has a distinctive design, it blends into your outfit without making a strong statement when worn.

It goes well with not only the leather jacket, but also the new mesh jacket this season.

◆ Protection performance

Protection performance is a point that cannot be compromised as long as the KJ series is regarded as the highest peak of KADOYA's fabric riding pants .

CE LEVEL.2 pads are standard on the knees. By making the pad bag a separate type, it is possible to greatly adjust it according to the height and body shape of the wearer. In addition, by making it easy to attach and detach the pad from the outside, this one is finished as an almighty high quality jeans that can be worn not only when riding but also for everyday wear.

Also, the waist protector is just as important as the knees.

The left and right hips are equipped with CE LEVEL.1 pads as standard equipment, which provides protection in case of a fall.

◆ Texture that satisfies the desire to possess

Denim, which ages with each use, is similar to leather products that can be worn for a long time and satisfy the desire to own.

Therefore, KJ-SCR has developed only indigo fabric so that you can enjoy the texture and denim-likeness of denim.

On the other hand, we have two color variations, brown stitching that emphasizes the unique design and navy stitching that is similar to the fabric with a calm atmosphere, so that the wearer can choose according to their preference.

The reason why we can dye and process high-quality denim fabric is because it is a domestic production that can easily respond to detailed specifications. KADOYA hopes to continue creating interesting products that make the most of its merits.

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