Summer riders series with 3 types newly added this season.

This time, we will pick up and introduce the new punching leather.

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– Pioneering evolutionary series –

The perforated leather series has undergone significant improvements in leather quality and design over the past few years.

Leather has an inseparable relationship with motorcycles.

KADOYA has continued to explore what is more ideal so that you can enjoy comfortable riding while wearing a leather jacket even in the hot summer sun.

And now that the standard lineup has finally been completed, this season we have begun to challenge new lines while further improving precision.

◆ Proposal of next-generation sports riding style

PL-MONO FIGHTER can be said to be the face of this season's perforated leather series. As the name suggests, the combat style is KADOYA, who has been chasing hard-core motorcycle riders on the street, so I think it is a “ new style to come out now ”.

In recent years, KADOYA has focused on standard and casualness . On the other hand, there has been a decrease in the number of items that can achieve a feeling of exhilaration and realism in both design and design.

Therefore, we will propose this PL-MONO FIGHTER as KADOYA's next-generation sports riding style , along with the BRAWLER series, which has added a new punching leather model this season.

◆ Coexistence of mobility and silhouette

In addition, SS STRIKER-PL was newly added to the lineup this season.

This model, which has detachable sleeves and can be used with either long sleeves or half sleeves, is the successor to the popular SELECT SLEEVER-PL model. In order not to become a minor change model simply by changing the leather quality, we have further improved the accuracy by boiling down the overall design and design.

I was particular about the design of the sleeves .

Although it has a clean and simple shape, it is slightly different from ordinary apparel sleeves and riding wear sleeves.

As long as it is riding wear, it is a major premise that it has high mobility and can be equipped with a protector . However, it is a carefully crafted piece that prevents the silhouette from collapsing due to the protector sticking out on the back and sleeves when the protector is attached.

By applying this idea to various models in the future, we plan to create riding wear with a more beautiful silhouette than ever before.

The PL-MONO FIGHTER is designed with action pleats, while the SS STRIKER-PL focuses on the design of the sleeves.

The only thing they have in common is that the existing design has been significantly revised .

It can be used in a variety of positions, and the pattern does not hinder movement while riding, but it also has a beautiful standing figure that is typical of riders . I think this is a very important point for KADOYA, which does not consider leather jackets as mere “riding gear”.

Please wear the perforated leather series with improved perfection and enjoy summer riding safely and comfortably.

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