Fall/Winter 2021 season collection finally released

Last year was the 85th anniversary of our founding.

With such a milestone, what does Kadoya look ahead to?

This time, I would like to explain and introduce from the perspective of the planning staff.

Writer: Kadoya Designer

Editing: Kadoya Editorial Department

After the 85th anniversary year, what do you think about the future?

I'll start with a brief recap of the past...

In the 2020 autumn/winter season, we will once again take a closer look at the strengths that Kadoya has cultivated and the standard lineup.

On top of that, we released a product with a new interpretation.

Along with the spirit of learning new from the past, we will optimize it for the present age.

It was a collection with a “dream” for such a future era.

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From the past, to the next step to create the next

When creating something new, I used to think that it should be linked to the existing Kadoya .

On the other hand, when I think about equipment and fashion for motorcycle riders on a daily basis, I think that " now is not the time ".

In the first place, I feel that it is no longer the case that “it is natural for a manufacturer that makes motorcycle wear to have a strong motorcycle color ”.

There are fewer standard styles and “ordinary” styles, and rough and casual styles are in demand.

On the other hand, calling out fashion and lifestyle suddenly leaves a shady smell. There is always such a dilemma.

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The most realistic thing you can do right now in the midst of conflict is

"Aren't you only conscious of the functional aspects?"

On the other hand, "Isn't the design forced to look cool?"

This kind of perspective, planning with a bird's-eye view.

It would be nice if the products were casual and just right, and naturally loved by the people who wore them.

Let's relax a little more and "make it something that fits in with the life with a motorcycle"

The theme word “chill out” contains this thought.

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What would be good for a motorcycle rider?

As long as it is clothing for motorcycles, functionality and safety are expected.

Besides, it is meaningless if it is not easy to move when riding a motorcycle.

However, there are many contradictory parts between the good silhouette and those functions... so I think it's a balance between coolness and function.

As long as we are originally a leather clothing store, we do not want to be bound only by riding gear.

"I wonder if I would want to use this for everyday use" (I often fantasize about whether I can walk in Shinjuku...)

I'm going to cherish that kind of feeling.

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From there, various people's thoughts enter and are remodeled into a theme...

I started drafting around April 2020-about 1 year and 5 months so far

In fact, there are a wide variety of corrections and changes from the original plan, such as colors, materials, and details.

However, the axis of the season (thought) at the center does not change.

Relax your shoulders a little more and make it something that fits your life with a motorcycle.

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<Left: NOEMI> <Right: VOLGIN>

"I don't want to ride in the cold in the middle of winter!", but "I don't want to feel like I'm floating in a service area that's just warm."

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"You can wear it casually when you eat in the neighborhood, but it's designed for motorcycles." Casual lineup


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Midler lineup that wants to make it easy to use, whether it is a motorcycle or an outerwear for everyday wear.


There are many more, but this is the general image.

And in fact, the themes of these seasons are linked to the seasons before and after.

Not as a single season, but as an uninterrupted flow of projects

Repeatedly scrutinize and sharpen

Even as it changes, I hope that it will be Kadoya's message and that it will convey the consistent content and thoughts.

It is still 86 years old, and there is still room for change in the future.

We carry out our daily planning work with this in mind.

In Tokyo, it's a complete change from the summer days. The chilly days continue, and the 2021 fall/winter season has finally started

We hope that you will enjoy the products released this time.

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