“Until now, I’ve always thought this way: water absorption that doesn’t make you feel sticky when you sweat, and coolness to the touch that feels cool to the touch. Every time I chase, the silhouette of my fleshy body comes out clearly, and I'm embarrassed and can't take off my outerwear..."

The designer who planned so said.

Is he the only one who thinks so? No, I'm sure there are people who think the same way. We would like to introduce the new CASUAL MOTO-T series of innerwear that was developed based on this idea.

Article / Kadoya Magazine Editorial Department

Feels like cotton

It looks like a thick pile cotton T-shirt. However, it has excellent water absorption and quick drying properties.

This texture, which would otherwise be impossible, was realized by tailoring it with an original fabric that uses cotton-like high-performance chemical fibers from Unitika Ltd. (a Japanese textile manufacturer).

Although it has high water absorption and quick drying properties and UV protection, it has a chic texture that does not look like a motorcycle innerwear.

◆ Design considering compatibility with outerwear

Although it is an inner that does not look like a motorcycle, it is a must-have design that assumes it is worn when riding.

Considering that it will be layered with outerwear, the length is set slightly shorter than conventional cotton T-shirts to match the outerwear.

The width of the body is designed to be slightly loose, creating a casual atmosphere with a loose silhouette. The sleeves are designed to be slightly narrow in consideration of passing the sleeves through the outerwear.

◆ 2 pattern designs

Two types of sleeves have been released: a raglan sleeve that creates a sports casual taste, and a set-in sleeve with a chest pocket that is convenient for daily use.

The KADOYA logo is embroidered on the chest of the RAGLAN-T and on the hem of the POCKET-T in the same color as the fabric.

KADOYA proposes a new sense of innerwear that does not look like high-performance innerwear or motorcycle innerwear for riding this summer.

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