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In this article, I would like to introduce equipment suitable for winter outings and short-distance riding for those with 1-2 years of motorcycle experience. I would appreciate it if you touched this article and became interested in exclusive products in general.

Photo and text/Kenzaburo Kikuchi

Do you know the extent to which you can reduce its severity?

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My body got cold even after a short distance, and when I got home, it was normal to take a bath even in the daytime. In the winter of the first year since I started riding, I didn't even have knowledge about cold weather, let alone equipment, so it was natural.

On the other hand, I think that "I want to choose something that I am really satisfied with because special products are relatively expensive."

"It's hard to judge what suits your motorcycle life with too much information."

"I don't know the extent to which the severity can be reduced."

For those of you reading this article, there are probably a few things that come to mind. I think this article can be useful for those in a similar situation. We would like you to spend the most suitable motorcycle life for yourself by comparing with various wears.

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I think you know that many of the exclusive outerwear are made of windproof material and can be equipped with a protector. Here, I would like to go into a little more detail and explain the outerwear that corresponds to the riding posture.

Outerwear that corresponds to the riding position tends not to require as much room as general clothing for movement, so the basic structure reduces "fatigue at high speeds" and "fluttering".

However, this word did not stick to me when I started riding. Because I thought it was natural to feel the wind pressure on the highway. At that time, the words I needed might have been "It's meaningless to endure wind pressure."

As many people know, when the wind pressure is greatly reduced, you can feel the presence of strong winds flowing left and right, but you can hardly feel the wind pressure from the front, and you feel as if you are cutting the wind. .

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I think that the cold protection by outerwear is easy to see. However, it is the cold protection by the inner that becomes important at a level similar to the outer. Especially in winter, I would like to recommend an inner layer with windproof performance. The inner with windproof performance can prevent "wind from entering through the gap of the outer".

However, when I started riding, I didn't understand the inner windbreak correctly. This is because I have never experienced "a state where the wind does not enter through the gap".

This may be an aside, but I once experienced a strange sensation of the wind slipping through the gap between the outer and inner layers. It was surprising to see a strange wind pressure pushing the inner inside the outer.

I don't know if you will believe this explanation, but I think you will understand if you try the top and bottom of the high-performance innerwear with windproof performance.

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Pants are probably the least understood item. I would like to explain mainly the parts that I think are not well known.

With general clothing, it is very normal that "the ankles are almost visible when straddling the machine", so it will not be seen as a problem. Most of the exclusive products reduce this problem by taking the angle of the legs. Naturally, the more the pants and boots overlap, the less heat is lost.

In addition, there are cases where the structure of the entire waist is devised, and the structure is such that it is difficult to open the back part in a sitting posture by constructing it with fine changes.

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The contents introduced above are often exquisitely balanced on the boundary between function and appearance so that they can be used realistically.

It goes without saying that the gap between the body and the body is optimized to protect against the cold, but isn't it necessary to wear clothes that match the content and appearance of the person?

Experience may be required to know the degree to which coldness and fatigue can be reduced, but by all means, please enjoy choosing equipment.

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