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High spec casual ride

ENTHUSIASTIC RIDERS MAGAZINE "Mr. Bike BG" Impre-Collaboration Project

A world that reflects the world of motorcycles and leather jackets that run through the passage of time.

When wearing a leather jacket and riding various motorcycles

how does that running look

how does that leather jacket fit

You can tell by the fitting of the riding position

The essence of KADOYA riders jacket.

“Man Machine Leather” which is fascinated by BG photographer.

*This time, KADOYA/FABRIC JACKET extra edition with the same feeling as leather.


A highly functional winter parka with a stylish design and high versatility from street wear to riding. Navy casually coordinated Zephyr with a camouflage pattern of dazzle pattern composed of complex geometric patterns and pants collar.

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

The polyester outer material of the hoodie is treated with "PU film lamination / moisture permeability 8,000 / m2 / 24 h (water pressure resistance 10,000 mm)", adding to its functionality, it has a texture that is flexible and soft with just the right amount of thickness. suppresses stickiness. Of course, the riding pattern is a premise.

kadoya official online

Cargo pants made of windproof stretchy fabric feature a simple design with a three-dimensional effect. In addition to warmth and ease of movement, the brushed accent lines create a military-style casual look.

kadoya official online

Fasten the hood with a dot button to prevent it from flapping while driving.

kadoya official online

If you get off the bike, you can wear it and cope with the rain. The front has a Zipper + rubber head dot button closure, and a triple specific wing with a rain return.

kadoya official online

With hidden high specs for motorcycles, you can casually enjoy color coordination with motorcycles!

kadoya official online

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