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Ref - Vol.1 (Beginning.)

make, use, wash, fix

For customers to continue wearing it for a long time.

A new development of KADOYA-RefLeather begins.

A maintenance item comes up from a cleaning shop specializing in leather.

For customers to continue wearing it for a long time.

A new development of KADOYA-RefLeather begins.

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- chance -

The word sustainable.

From around the beginning of 2018, I started hearing the unfamiliar word often.

sustainable = sustainable

Upon closer inspection, it seems that companies have different definitions of sustainable and are making a wide variety of efforts.

As long as we are a company, we cannot ignore those words.

Naturally, Kadoya has also faced those words.

What can Kadoya do for sustainability?

And I found one answer.

That is, "to keep wearing it for a long time".

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Since its founding in 1935, Kadoya has handled and repaired leather products.

At the 70th anniversary of its founding, it started a cleaning shop specializing in leather products (refleather).

We have expanded the after-sales follow-up so that customers can continue to wear them for a long time even after they have been handed over.

The attitude of facing leather products that I have been doing for 85 years without thinking deeply. That itself is sustainable for Kadoya.

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But is that okay? It's important to face things with the same stance as before, but I wonder if it's possible to wear one for a longer period of time.

Luckily, Kadoya has craftsmen who make leather jackets and wash leather jackets, so they have a wealth of know-how.

Among them, craftsmen who wash riff leather leather jackets often receive consultations on leather jackets that have accumulated damage.

I asked them, "What should I do to keep wearing leather jackets longer?"

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■ Craftsmen

“Regular cleaning and repairs are of course important, but self-maintenance is even more important in order to keep wearing them for a long time.

All we can do is wash and fix .

The person who spends the longest time with the leather jacket can extend its lifespan depending on how well it is maintained. ”

It certainly is.

However, since we are doing repairs and cleaning, why not just use such professional services?

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■ Craftsmen

“If something happens to a leather jacket, you should take it to a repair shop or dry cleaner.

However, proper self-maintenance is required for long-term use. ”

"It's something that people often think about, but when I took it to the dry cleaners, my clothes looked like new!

I listen to the story, but it's just like new ! Just talking about the damage will not recover even if you have it in the dry cleaner. Accumulating damage. ”

"Self-maintenance is important not because it's dirty, but to prevent damage from accumulating .

For example, to prevent sudden rain, dirt, and mold, in addition to oiling, water-repellent finishing is applied.

By doing so, the leather surface is protected, so the accumulation of damage is completely different. ”

“Actually, when I clean a leather jacket from someone who does this kind of maintenance, the finished product is completely different from a leather jacket from someone who doesn’t do anything.

When should I clean?

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■ Craftsmen

“Of course, since we are human, there are limits even if we use them carefully.

If you can't do anything about it because it's moldy or dirty, bring it with you.

As a professional, I will finish it as neatly as possible.

Even at that time, if you ask "How should I do maintenance in the future?", I can give advice according to the leather jacket. ”

“In addition, as the name suggests, our shop (refleather) values ​​refreshment.

No matter how much maintenance you do to prevent it, dirt will accumulate, and the sweat and sebum stains on the lining will be removed cleanly.

Ideally, it depends on how often you use it, but if you wear it on the weekends during the season as street clothes, it should be once every 2 to 3 years. We recommend cleaning once every two years.

I see, you can wear one for a longer time with this.

Perhaps it was the effect of the craftsmen's impassioned speeches, or perhaps the temperature in the room had risen slightly, and I felt radiant.

But no... wait.

There are too many types of maintenance goods, so I don't know which one to buy.

I wonder if everyone has this kind of experience....

Then Kadoya/Riff Leather will develop something that really suits leather jackets.

kadoya official online

This is how KADOYA-RefLeather's original care product development concept started.

"For customers to continue wearing it for a long time."

It is the pride that has been dealing with leather products for 85 years.

And the challenge to be sustainable in anticipation of the times

Turning thoughts into shape – Ref series

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Left: leather oil and right: leather milk

Refleather craftsmen inspect various types of products, select the optimal solution for leather jackets, and release it in an original package that looks great even if it is placed indoors or in the garage.

There are two types of development lineup: leather oil and leather milk.

Leather milk is recommended for those who want to have a glossy finish because it is highly permeable and easy to shine.

Leather oil spreads well and blends well with leather products, so it is recommended for those who do not want to have a glossy finish.

I'll talk about each item next time.

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