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Riders' "chill" dressing

Incorporating leather items that have begun to attract attention in the street scene in recent years into your own style

Photographer: Haruki Matsui
Stylist: Hiroki Matsui
Model: Koki Matsui
Edit: Atsutaro Ito

Wear a leather down jacket that will come in handy for the coming season to CHILL

Founded in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1935, Kadoya is a brand that has been loved by many bikers as the oldest manufacturer of leather jackets in Japan.

In recent years, not only motorcycle riders, but also the street scene that incorporates leather items as fashion, has begun to attract attention, and the lineup of sophisticated and over-spec items that seem to overturn conventional wisdom. .

Among them, this time, I would like to introduce the "chill" wearing of a leather down jacket that will come in handy in the coming season when it gets even colder.

kadoya official online

Originally , VOLGIN is a leather down jacket that pursues heat retention and comfort when straddling a motorcycle, assuming harsh winter riding, but dare to wear it outdoors or in a chill spot (resting place) near your house. We will dig deep into the styling here.

kadoya official online

Of course, the coffee you drink at home or in a tasteful old-school coffee shop is delicious, but the coffee you enjoy outside in the sun is exceptional. When it comes to clothes for such occasions, the first priority is to be able to relax. So, I dared to choose slacks made of a soft material that is not too tight.

Then, pair it with loosely layered pants and a flannel shirt in the same color, and finish with an edgy VOLGIN to complete a “chill” style that isn’t too loose.

If you take a closer look at the details, you'll see that both sleeves are designed with tuck rolls from the shoulder to the elbow, and the cuffs have a zipper opening and a triangular gusset for an authentic look.

The lining is made of quilted fabric with an aluminum heat reflective film sandwiched between them, and the seasonal graphics that read "CHILL OUT" are accented.

kadoya official online

When it comes to riders, there may be an image that people who don't ride motorcycles have a high threshold to wear, but in reality, it is an outerwear that can be mixed and matched to accent various outfits, and is a cool item that goes well on the street.

When you want to spend your own blissful time in a park or riverbed, why not wear VOLGIN casually and go out?

!! POINT !!

kadoya official online

Leather down that creates a sophisticated street style with a voluminous thickness unique to down and a metal zipper accent. Not to mention the specs of an item for bikers, the attention to detail makes it a fashion item that naturally blends in with town use.

In addition, the manufacturing method is based on ergonomics, adopting the head factory pattern, and the lining is also equipped with pockets that can be fitted with pads that guard the shoulders, elbows, and spine, making it a sophisticated yet authentic outerwear. is.

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