Kadoya's leather jacket Yohoyama story - Part 2 - Irregular serialization

Don't say , "It's cold in a leather jacket, isn't it?"

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No matter how many reasons you put on later, in the end, "I wear a leather jacket because it's cool."

I think that's the unwavering number one reason for wearing a leather jacket, just like the reason for riding a motorcycle.

Before discussing whether it's cold or not, whether it's safe or not, I don't want to forget the root of it.

Some people might say, "If that's the case, whether it's cold or unsafe, it's fine as long as it's cool." So leave it for now.

So, this time we will talk about leather jackets that are “cool and not cold”.

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model : Antonio from Italy
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Remember, the key here is "not cold", not "warm".

If you're looking for warmth, there are tons of other options besides leather jackets, and more importantly, I don't think you should ride a motorcycle.

What you should aim for is "how to ride a motorcycle in a cool and cool leather jacket", and there is no use for a warm and "uncool".

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We, Kadoya, think that we know about it, and we have been squeezing our wisdom for many years on how to wear a “cool leather jacket” without getting cold.

Our history of making leather jackets can be described as the struggle against the cold, and we have faced many challenges.

Recently, I have been adopting the idea of ​​realizing "not cold" by layering, rather than asking the leather jacket itself to be " not cold " to a certain extent.

To put it more technically, it is ``to create a mechanism to secure dead air with an intermediate layer and keep the warmth of body temperature in order to prevent negative heat conduction from the jacket that has been cooled by the cold wind''.

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The systematic definition of this is the genre of military uniforms, where cutting-edge apparel competes fiercely.

Kadoya, even if it's not that extreme, incorporates the methodology well and continues to send out wear that can be called "leather jacket special".

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Specifically, the various tops and in-thermo from “Heat Lampard” (HRT) are considered to be thin as possible to be worn under a leather jacket, yet not cold, with a leather jacket coordinated in mind.

Furthermore, with the advent of such a leather jacket special, it is possible to moderately suppress the cold protection specs of the leather jacket itself , so it is possible to release a smart leather jacket that looks good casually, not a rugged winter bike specification. There was also a synergistic effect.

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It's been a long time since people used to say , "If you run in a leather jacket in the middle of winter and it gets cold, you're actually cold."

Kadoya's line-up of leather jackets designed to protect against the cold will make even the "stylish leather jacket dude" smile.

POINT-1: Squeeze the cuffs.

It's cold with the wind coming in from your wrist! Usually, we often see specifications such as ribs, but this specification is adopted because it is better to close it according to the user's preference.

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POINT-2: "Elbow pads that symbolize individuality"

The elbow pads are a symbol of the individuality of the leather jacket. Normally, there are many tack rolls and lattices, but the minimum necessary turning back expresses the individuality of the design subtraction.

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POINT-3: Versatile pocket

You want everything in your pocket. This pocket is deeper than a normal apparel leather jacket, so it can be used for multiple functions.

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POINT-4: Back with strong presence

A down pack reminiscent of a roll pad. The tack roll puttet of a leather jacket from the back makes you feel like a man.

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