Kadoya's leather jacket Yohoyama story - Part 3 - Irregular serialization

"That said, it's better to wear it comfortably."

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It's about 30 years ago, but...

As if to keep pace with the Harley boom in the streets, a great leather jacket came over from America.

It looks solid and cool, and the price is half the price.

If the name of the leather jacket is revealed here,

My boss would get mad at me, so I would appreciate it if you could imagine it, or check out the March 2020/VIBES issue.

The leather jacket must have been a black ship for Harley riders in Japan.

kadoya official online

Until then, American leather jackets, from standard ones to those of the discerning group, have entered,

Those orders in Japan existed,

The leather jacket jumped over all such yardsticks and hit the Harley rider's brain and material desires directly.

photograph(main cut):Fumiharu Kanazawa
model :skydogpapa
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As for what Kadoya was doing at that time, I remember that he was focusing on the so-called Mr. Bike system represented by the air-cooled four-engine.

In other words, there may have been two styles of leather jackets in Japan, the flow of domestic leather jackets called Kadoya, and the flow of American leather jackets, Harley = that leather jacket.

At that time, I think that the greatest reason for admiration, which was coveted both in the East and the West, was its simplicity and sturdiness.

Speaking of simplicity and robustness, we also have an icon called "battle suit".

kadoya official online

Even if you take it off, it will remain upright on the doll. If you can wear this well, you will be a full-fledged person.

Japanese bikers who were at the height of the Harley bubble honestly welcomed such a plausible rumor.

He believed that simplicity and sturdiness were the strongest.

Those good times are over...

Perhaps it was the biker at the time who received the baptism of the leather jacket ,

That may be the result of my discerning eye for leather jackets,

It may be just the flow of time, but the vector toward simplicity and sturdiness, which had been touted as such, suddenly began to move in the opposite direction.

If that is the case, it is only natural that many people who participated in the creation of original leather jackets under the slogan of simplicity and sturdiness were eliminated.

As a result, Kadoya has continued to make leather jackets as one of the few Japanese companies, even though American and British companies, including leather jackets, are gaining momentum in leather jacket making in Japan.

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what have we been doing here No, let me tell you what I keep doing.

For foreigners who should have gone their own way regardless of the circumstances of Japan, we have continued to make for delicate Japanese people from the middle of the ups and downs of fashion,

While maintaining the original strength of “strength” , he incorporated the option of “softness” into his style.

And now.... Inheriting the simple and strong DNA of the time

“Taurus” was born as the true value of this flexible style.

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Made from cowhide that looks like deerskin, the W riders boast a soft comfort that only the once simple and tough guy should feel.

It is "Kadoya's style, the latest version" that expands the width a little without changing the root of the soul.

POINT1: Functional buckle cover

The belt buckle has a leather guard to prevent damage to the motorcycle tank.

Universal design with SR/cafe racers in mind.

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POINT2: Removable

No matter how functional it is, I don't like the design.

But I don't want to damage the tank.

In order to meet the needs of such people, it is a removable specification!

⚠︎ But don't lose it!
(I lost it the other day and found it at the front door of my house.)

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POINT3: Belt...can be removed.

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The hem belt is detachable and can be arranged according to the car model and style.

If you remove the belt, the wild leather jacket will give you a sophisticated and stylish impression even in the city!

POINT4: Proof of "softness"

The only way to prove it is through action.

I folded the leather jacket by saying...
kadoya official online
I saved it.

Then, isn't it thin? Many people think so.
but don't worry

This deer touch cow has a solid thickness and a solid weight that gives a sense of security.

By all means, I would like you to try this leather jacket that achieves softness while maintaining its weight.

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