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Article: KADOYA MAGAZINE Vol.11Motorcycle style for mature women

KADOYA MAGAZINE Vol.11Motorcycle style for mature women

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Introducing KADOYA's styling that we want to deliver to you!

I don't know what to wear when riding a motorcycle.

Sneaker boots are paired with a chic P-coat. By pairing it with two-tone color long socks, you can create a relaxed and casual look.

It is a P coat type riding jacket that is also excellent in terms of function as a riding boot, so it can be coordinated all around regardless of the type of vehicle.

Coordinating point: It can be used in everyday life because it can blend in even in a slightly fashionable town!

kadoya official online

The melton fabric is lined with a windproof film, and it is well equipped to protect against the cold.

And sneaker boots are paired with a chic style P coat.

By pairing it with two-tone color long socks, you can create a loose and casual look. The functionality as a riding boot is also outstanding.

POINT.1: Collar with high cold protection

kadoya official online

You can zip up to the collar, and if you stop the strap, the wind and cold protection of the neck will be improved.

POINT.2: Cuffs considering the cold while driving!

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Double guard with rib knit on the inside of the sleeve and wrist size adjustment against the intrusion of running wind.

POINT.3: Use of functional fasteners

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Since it is a double zip specification, it is possible to reduce the sluggishness around the stomach when riding.

POINT.4: Recommended for those who are cold!

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The pocket around the waist of the lining is for Cairo! There are four, so equip them according to your body.

Coordinating point: RM-MARINE MERCABAN

kadoya official online

With a moderately loose fit and a smart cut, this item can be worn not only on a motorcycle but also for everyday use.

How about a functional and easy-to-use court-style touring?

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