A perfect shoulder bag for riding a motorcycle

At first glance, it looks like a casual shoulder bag...?

What is different from ordinary apparel items? I think there are people who think that...

We would like to introduce its functions and features.

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The concept is a shoulder bag that can be used even when running on winding roads.

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When riding a motorcycle: If it's just a little farther, or on flat roads with not many curves, a regular shoulder bag is fine.

But if this is a winding, it's a different story...

A bag that shifts left and right every time it comfortably passes through a curve is very annoying. .

I think there are many people who have such an experience.

Even messenger bags often have a harness belt to prevent them from slipping, and our leather bag [HFG shoulder bag] series also has a sub-belt (easier.)

Instead of adding something, how about a direction that, for example, sticks to the body to keep it from slipping? With that in mind, I tried incorporating a shoulder mechanism with a different way of thinking.

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Release with one action while adhering to the body. Just pull the handle with one hand like under the new JET GLIDE belt.

With a single action, the shoulder belt shrinks and the bag adheres to the body. You can easily extend it by pulling it in the opposite direction.

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And it's not just about keeping things in place, but when you want to quickly check the contents of your bag/take out things, you're riding a motorcycle, right?

With this mechanism, it's easy to release just by pulling the handle, so it's easy to take things out at a moment's notice.

(*For safety reasons, please park on the side of the road and check.)

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It's the perfect item for autumn when you want to ride a motorcycle and go out for a while.

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Extends and contracts with one action. Comfortable shoulder belt

The most annoying thing about riding a motorcycle is that the bag wraps around in front of your body...

Introduced a shoulder belt mechanism that can be easily expanded and contracted simply by pulling the handle.

In addition, the base is detachable and can be attached to the left or right, so it can be worn on either the left or right side.

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Non-slip mesh material on the back

Anti-slip provides a strong grip on the back!

The non-slip double raschel mesh material used on the back has moderate thickness and cushioning properties, and fits perfectly on the back.

It has a non-slip function to prevent the bag from slipping.

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High-strength, waterproof canvas material

Just because it is highly functional, it is boring to use only nylon

Made of canvas material with a high-strength film attached to the back, it not only has a good texture, but is also highly durable and waterproof.

(* Please note that it is not a completely waterproof specification.)

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