Same Road (Commuter Road Part 2)

Continuing from last time
I will come to the second part of "Osanaji Michi".

Pass the Hibiya intersection and go straight on Harumi-dori.
If you pass Yurakucho and Higashi Ginza
It finally extends to Ueno, near the company.
It merges with Nikko Kaido (National Route 4), but...

It is a detour, rushing to the Michikusa course.

After passing the Hibiya intersection, turn left at the first traffic light.

Marunouchi Nakadori

This street
It runs parallel to the JR line guard, Ginza Chuo Dori, and Nikko Kaido.
If you go straight, you will hit the median strip
beyond that
Marunouchi Building, Shin-Marunouchi Building, etc.
A row of office buildings
Connects to the area around Tokyo Station.

A colorful and beautiful stone pavement with a dark color scheme.

naturally loosen the accelerator
Slowly roll the bike.

The Norinchukin Bank building

in a stone building
A heavy metal door carved with extremely fine decorations.

It has a majestic appearance.

not only in this building
The surrounding area includes the Imperial Theater, the Idemitsu Museum of Art, etc.
Dotted with old, stately buildings

on the sidewalk
Hakone Open-Air Museum Collection
Decorated with objects made by various artists
Emit a presence while naturally entering between the building and the trees
It gives the street a rhythmic and gentle dynamism.

To stumble past the pavement
too wasteful,
A healing place like an art park.

due to the busyness of daily work
in an instant
Drawn into a space where time flows slowly

Refresh your body and mind.

It is a perfect environment for resetting in a short time.

along the couple
Through the gap between buildings and trees
In the peeking blue sky
What are your thoughts on it?

It's a nice space.

Vehicles are not allowed to enter this street at noon even on weekdays.
It will become a pedestrian paradise.
Famous brand shops line the eaves mixed with cafes
Although there is a lot of traffic during the day
Unlike the shopping district of Ginza Chuo-dori
It has a very quiet, calm and refreshing atmosphere.

even here
I inadvertently landed on a sidewalk with few people
Early morning window shopping. . .

Enter Naka-dori from Harumi-dori
Intersection with traffic light for the first time
This street is called Babasaki Street.

The building across the street is the Marunouchi Park Building.
adjacent to the site
This is the entrance leading to the courtyard of the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum.

This museum and open spaces (plazas, corridors, etc.)
Aiming to contribute to the improvement of the culture and environment of the district,

Based on the City Planning Act (Special Urban Renaissance District, District Planning)
what is established.

was written at the entrance.

Urban planning is progressing in the surrounding area
Except for traffic light poles and the bare minimum of electric wires
There are no utility poles above ground, and wires are buried underground.
Rooftop greening is also being actively carried out.
We can see the high awareness of the environment in the entire city.

Not a single piece of trash has fallen.
It's really beautiful.

at lunch time
People in surrounding office buildings
Families with children and elderly couples
Many people, including foreigners, visit this place.
such as food and conversation
It was a friendly communication space.

This is the south exit of the museum facing Babasaki Street.
It is now an exit.

Along the courtyard, there is a front entrance and a courtyard entrance.
The entrance to the museum is from the courtyard entrance.

Numerous tree-lined streets, streets
Enjoy beautiful and splendid buildings and art

When the satisfaction in the brain reaches its peak,
I'll pick up the pace soon.

Tokyo Forum East intersection, under the JR railroad tracks
Kajibashi, Kyobashi, passing the intersections one after another
At the intersection of Takaracho, enter the Nikko Highway.

in the first place
The title "Osanaji Michi"

My parents' homes are Tsukishima and Tsukudajima in Chuo Ward, respectively.
Ever since I can remember,
This morning's route, when my parents go to my parents' house many times a year,
I grew up watching the scenery through the window on the back seat of the car.

On the way home from home
It's dark and pitch black, and it looks like Nessie's coming out
Cross the Kachidoki Bridge while gazing at the eerily silent Sumida River
Passing the Tsukiji fish market,
The illuminated Kabukiza building and
Heart dance on colorful banners
No matter how many times I pass by the neon streets of Ginza, I get excited and overwhelmed.
It was the most fun on the way home.

Back then (more than 35 years ago) there was no Disneyland
I couldn't see the illumination parade that colors the night sky even at the amusement park.
Lively, gorgeous, full of liveliness even at night
The moment you pass by the neon streets of Ginza
in a child's mind

With a feeling like "a big event to grab good luck",

I was looking at it with excitement.

still unchanging
The gorgeous neon street of Ginza
I'm on my way home from work
It's a great time to refresh.

To Ginza~♪
The Hato Bus is running~♪
Nuke the Kabukiza
Sliding through the rows of trees

Akasaka ~ Asakusa ~ ♪ still ~ town ~ ♪
to attract people

The townscape~ha~dreams and longings~♪

Even the corners of the street~ga~♪ play a song~♪


Whoa! ! ! !

The distance of about 30 km to reach this place is

Open the door of your heart
The freshest air in the morning
Stored in the body as energy for the day
With time and feelings
just feel good
I will try to enjoy riding.


A dreamy morning private run
This is the end. .

This vending machine corner

I forced
This is where you flip the switch to work mode.

It was perfect in a suit with a correct texture
Combat-ready businessmen
to get a brief moment before going out
It is a point that is being used.

Different occupations, appearances and clothes, and different hearts
Before the eyes of everyone here
Surely, the thoughts and fighting spirit towards the workplace
Today's strategy image etc.
I understand that there are various things.

Like a fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier
As soon as you extinguish your cigarette in the ashtray,
Transformed into sharp eyes with a switch
to the right to the left
I will leave this place.

I say

Can't take off from an aircraft carrier
Left alone,
if you notice
The state of lighting the second cigarette.

"Today again, no matter what happens
Let's stay healthy and do our best, hey! ! ”

I am in the midst of repeating this to my heart over and over again. . .

As an “important place” that reminds us of ourselves

I stop by here every day. . .

As might be expected
I won't touch the third one! !

The distance from here to Nishi-Asakusa, where the company is located, is less than 1km.
body and mind
switched to work mode

It will be a serious commuter road!

here we go,
Today is also full of energy
I encourage you to make leather jackets! !


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