We will be holding an outlet sale this weekend only.


Sendai store & Osaka store will hold an outlet sale for this weekend only.

Thank you very much for coming to our store from the first business day of the new year, even though the annual first sale was not held!

This year, the lucky bag will be available only online, and it will be a different form of customer return than before, but we hope you will enjoy it.

Similarly, we will hold an event that is different from usual at our directly managed stores!
From 7th to 9th of this weekend, we will be holding an "outlet sale" at the Sendai and Osaka stores .

It is a product that has become a defective product due to various reasons such as minor scratches, but it will be an opportunity for you to find a good value product.
We would appreciate it if you could check the condition and see the store-limited price.

* Please enjoy the product lineup and outlet sales prices at the store.
Please refrain from contacting us.

* Outlets and sample products are not eligible for member points (0%). However, you can use the points you already have.

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