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Although it is a bargain sale at our company store, which is not held in winter as well as summer, we have collected outlet items that are usually only sold at outdoor events from our headquarters warehouse so that bike masters can enjoy it as much as possible!

We have prepared both men's and women's models , including B-grade products that have scratches, etc.

The event will only be held for 3 days from Saturday, January 7, 2023 to Monday, January 9, 2023!

The first one will be held at KADOYA Osaka store and KADOYA Sendai store . You can purchase it at the outlet corner of both stores.

You can enjoy the product lineup and outlet sales prices at the store.
Please refrain from contacting us.

* Outlets and sample products are not eligible for member points (0%). However, you can use the points you already have.

Items that appeared