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Article: Classic popular leather jacket type 5!


Classic popular leather jacket type 5!

This season's new leather jackets seem to be available in stores...

Here, I would like to introduce about 5 types of leather jackets that have been remanufactured this season and have been popular in recent fall and winter!

Standard popular leather jacket①FENNEL

leather jacket FENNEL

First of all, this is FENNEL .

A new leather jacket from last year that disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Although it has a padded design, it has less volume and a beautiful silhouette, so some people buy it to wear around town.

WINE is especially rare in stock this year, so hurry!

Standard popular leather jacket ② LEATHER DOWN JACKET


Next is the LEATHER DOWN JACKET , which is becoming a winter staple!

Currently available in three colors: black, green, and wine.

Color models are also scarce in stock, but black is overwhelmingly popular.

It's great for everyday wear, but it also has padding! is.

Standard popular leather jacket ③N-3R

Leather jacket N-3R Yes, the third one is a leather coat based on N-3R and N-3B!

A renewed model with adjusted leather quality and silhouette.
It has excellent cold protection, pads can be attached, and it has many functions.

It's a thick leather coat, so it's a little heavy, which may be a mixed bag.

Since it cannot be mass produced, the model number itself is a bit valuable.

Standard popular leather jacket ④MR-LOADED

Leather jacket MR-LOADED

It's been quite a while since its release, but this one continues to be popular, MR-LOADED .

Due to its popularity, we have started offering S size, which was not available at first, and it has become even more popular!

The design, which is a fusion of a hoodie and a biker, maintains a perfect balance of being neither too casual nor too hard.

Standard popular leather jacket⑤EURO CAPP

Leather jacket EURO CAPP

The last one is here! EURO CAPP is a popular model all year round.
This may be the model that took the most time to reproduce since it was sold out last year!

A rider's jacket with a casual hooded design, lightweight goatskin feel, and the ability to attach full pads.

Coupled with the fact that it looks great even when the hood is removed and is suitable for 3 seasons, it is already extremely popular this season.

This is the No.1 out-of-stock jacket.

Be sure to check out the ever-popular leather jacket as well as our new releases!

Is there a product you've been eyeing for a long time?
Or maybe there are some fierce people who already have several types...!

The new jackets as well as the pants and boots are already popular, but don't miss out on these popular jackets!

Popular models vary slightly depending on the region, so we cannot predict the availability of other models! Please consult with the store staff first!