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A short-length coat that is suitable for all seasons and uses stretch nylon with an emphasis on ease of wear.
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The quilted liner jacket equipped inside is filled with high-performance cotton, and the fleece lining of the collar ensures cold protection to survive the cold winter.
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A seemingly classical design is modernized with nylon with a calm expression and waterproof fasteners. The front pocket has a ventilation function, and the side and back zippers can be opened to allow for sufficient ventilation.
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While the appearance is chic and simple, the KADOYA logo on the zipper pulls and Velcro on the cuffs subtly enhances the texture.
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It corresponds to various positions and movements by pattern cutting and stretchability considering riding. In addition, the back of the fabric is coated to ensure strength and wind resistance. The fabric surface is also strongly water repellent.
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The liner jacket can be easily put on and taken off with a zipper and buttons. When removed, the lining is made of sweat-absorbing and quick-drying mesh, making it suitable for spring and summer seasons.
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You can access the pad bag from the zipper on the hem, and you can also equip shoulder, elbow and spine protectors. A piece that combines functionality with a chic appearance as clothing.
kadoya official online

■ Design
Nylon riding coat for all seasons, ergonomic HFP pattern and nylon stretch material make it easy to wear with no position restrictions. Each pocket on the front and the back and sides are equipped with a ventilation function, so it can be worn all year round in a variety of situations, not just for motorcycle use or everyday use.

■ Product features
・Shoulder/elbow/spine pads can be attached ・Equipped with front pocket, back and side ventilation ・Equipped with zip detachable liner jacket ・Employs head factory pattern based on ergonomics

■ Material
Front: Stretch nylon (N/95%/PU/ 5%) Back: Polyester mesh (COLDEHYBER) Medium: Polyester twill quilting (batting/COMFORMAX) *Interior protector sold separately

size S. M. L. LL 3L
bust 105.5 109.5 113.5 117.5 121.5
waist 104 108 112 116 120
around the hem 107 111 115 119 one two three
Length 73.5 75 76.5 77.5 79
neck circumference 49 49 50 51.5 53
shoulder width 44 45 46.5 48 49.5
Sleeve Length 64 65 66 67 68
around the elbow 36.5 37.5 38.5 39.5 40.5
cuff circumference 28 28.5 29 29.5 30
front center length 62.5 63.5 65 66.5 68

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

How to choose size

How to wear impression from bust size inner
I want to wear tight smart +8cm T-shirt
I want to wear it as standard. usually +12cm + Sweater/Hoodie
I want to wear it loosely wild +16cm + down / fleece

* Due to the riding pattern, the sleeves may feel long.
*If the material is leather, the sleeve length will be shortened by 1-2 cm.
* If you are concerned about the length of the sleeves, it is possible to shorten the sleeves for an additional fee.

SIZE S. M. L. LL 3L 4L
Weight (kg) 50~60 55~65 65~75 70~80 80~90 ~100
Height (cm) 155~170 160~175 165~180 170~185 175~190 ~190
Bust (cm) 82~90 86~94 92~100 96~104 100~108 104~112
Waist (cm) 66~78 70~82 78~86 82~90 86~94 90~98

*The indicated size is for reference only and may differ from the actual size.

From simple and basic high-quality standards to avant-garde items based on the highest specs and philosophy. A rider wear brand that goes well with town use as well as commitment to safety and functionality.





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