Limited tuck roll bag! ! !

The 85th anniversary limited bag is Tuck Roll

85th tuckroll bag1

"I don't want to be covered with other people! 』

"I always have a lot of luggage and I worry about bags when touring..."

For such people, the 85th anniversary limited tuck roll specification [HF LAB/TUCK ROLL-85th] has been released! !

Speaking of KADOYA's classics, diamond stitches such as [HFG/SHOULDER BAG-PTD] and [HFG/WAIST BAG-PTD] were typical, but this time it's a tack roll, so it can be used without wearing it with other people. ! !

85th anniversary leather patch

85th tuckroll bag2

A leather patch with the 85th anniversary limited logo is attached to the side.

Similar to the combination of the main body, the combination of black and silver leather gives a more unified feeling!

Functional belt and back

The surface has a leather tack roll design that gives a sense of solidity and luxury to the front, but the belt and back are functionally finished, so it's perfect for usability!

As with the [RIDES SHOULDER BAG] newly released this season, the belt uses the JETGLIDE mechanism that allows the shoulder belt to be expanded and contracted with a single action .

The non -slip double raschel mesh material on the back prevents slippage when riding a motorcycle!

"When I'm riding a motorcycle, my shoulder bag slides down and gets in the way! ! 』
For those who thought that, there is no need to worry about this bag!

What capacity are you interested in? How long can I enter?

85th tuckrollbag storage 2

As a test, I put 85th HALF-T (T-shirt), C-NINE (gloves with protector), long wallet, and smartphone, but this is enough storage capacity! !

It seems that a small tablet (iPad mini?) Can be stored without problems!

85th anniversary items are limited in quantity, so hurry up! !

In addition to the 85th anniversary limited items [HF LAB/TUCK ROLL-85th] introduced this time, [85th HALF-T], [85th LONG-T], and [85th PARKA] have been released.

All items will be produced for a limited time, so please be careful not to miss this opportunity!

"I want to see the real thing directly! ! 』

If you are interested, please take a look at the sendai store!

! ! ! 85th ANNIVERSARY FAIR is also being held! ! !

Items that appeared