the Father's Day......

Do you have a gift for Father's Day?

For those who are still undecided or have forgotten, we will pick up some recommended items and introduce them.


[HF] Wood hanger with logo

A wooden hanger that can be used for your favorite leather jacket or suit for work.

Limited BAG for irregular production

HFG/WAIST BAG-PTD, which was introduced in the photolog the other day, is a limited model for directly managed stores.

The Sendai store has only one L/LL size in stock.


SACOCHE BAG convenient for short outings and trips

You can use it as a clutch bag by removing the belt.


A classic gift is a wallet

KADOYA has several wallets, but how about the compact 3 FOLD COMPACT WALLET?

It may be a good present for those who use cash less and feel that the current wallet is large.

There are various other

When you think of KADOYA, you probably think of leather jackets, but we also have a wide variety of accessories.

Please enjoy choosing gifts at the store.

Items that appeared