Sophisticated double riders that can be worn simply!

Immediately after arriving,
"I'd like a leather jacket, or rather riders..."
I am most often asked this vague question at the store.
The shape that people who come looking for this product are imagining is,
"Double riders or single riders"
It is often the case.

Among them, many people come to the store looking for single riders .
It's a classic shape, and perhaps the reason for its popularity is that it's simple and can be matched with anything.

On the other hand, the likes and dislikes of double riders, especially the American double type, are clearly divided, perhaps because they have a strong image or because they have a lot of detail and are decorative.

Recently, KADOYA's original simple TWR and BONNY-0 models, which can be called European type, have a simple design and slim silhouette for a double, so even those who were not targeting double riders can change their direction at the store. This is a model that is often used.

I'm a big fan of double riders, and my first rider order was a double rider type.A must-see for double riders, this simple yet exquisite double rider that can be said to be both American and European has been added to the lineup!

A new type of double riders with a simple and exquisite silhouette [TOURUS]

Double riders TOURUS diagonal front

Compared to other KADOYA models, the silhouette is ``close to the standard, but the arms are narrowed a little and the length is lengthened, making it look slimmer.'' It's not too thin, but it looks beautiful.

The leather quality is also the recently popular [Deer Touch Cow] .
It's easy to wear, and it links well with the image of the jacket!

If you look at the details, it's a belt at the waist, which is common in American doubles.
It comes with a removable buckle cover that hides the buckle, and the belt itself is also removable.

Double Riders [TOURUS] back view

The new double riders are available in S-3L sizes, but follow a wide range of sizes.

Really...the silhouette is beautiful, and the size is suitable for a wide range of body shapes, up to 3L size.

Even the store staff was surprised!

Double Riders TOURUS Entire

JKT [TOURUS] that even people who disliked double riders should try

Double Riders TOURUS Diagonal Right Front

The collar is small enough to be worn even with the collar upright, and you can wear it with the front zipper open for a flattering look. ← Important for Coco Double

Double riders [TOURUS] front opening

A simple, easy-to-match, and comfortable double.
Unusually for a double, this season's new product is selling well and is in the top 3!

Please check out the comfort of Deer Touch Cow and the silhouette of this rider.

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