Put the length of your thoughts on the spine. Vol.2

Hello. I'm Kita.

Summer is here again!

Are you enjoying your two-wheeled life?

Well, I was inspired by hard users and continued from last time

On the G-VEST that was left lying down for a while,

Considering lettering...

Big billboard of life, failure is not allowed! ! !

Well, the concept of this time is "I want you to notice that".

I myself have recently been reminded, and I can't say anything arrogant,

Aren't you ashamed?

By all means, please tell everyone close to you.

In a corner of the service area at the touring meeting,

in the store? , If you see an inner one... ww

Come to think of it, Kadoya has a recommended item.

CASUAL MOTO series. See below for details

Ah! But I don't have the courage to wear this vest, no, no (laughs)

Items that appeared