Once-in-a-lifetime sample product

We now have a small amount of great value sample products and additional items in stock.


As summer items have become scarce, we have secretly been displaying a small amount of ``Product Samples'' at our directly managed store.

Before actually producing a large number of new products, we produced only a few products on a trial basis that were almost the same as the actual products.

Traditionally, these items are released at bargain prices during bargain events, but this year they will be quietly displayed during normal times.

Regarding the arrival of the first batch, the products that are likely to be popular have already sold out, but a small amount of the second batch has arrived today.





That popular product is a good price because it's a sample...

In fact, there may be a one-of-a-kind item that was never made into a product!

At the Sendai store, they are quietly displayed at the back of the store, so why not take a look when you stop by recently?

Items that appeared