custom repair jacket

Base model: BONNY-0 Category: Repair Delivery: 2016

This jacket was purchased as an off-the-shelf item at a store and was customized within the scope of modifications.

The most distinctive feature is the change in the collar, and other small customizations such as changing the zipper.

Please note the following points regarding custom repairs:

・Basically, reception is performed upon visiting the store.

・Price is calculated after seeing the condition and specifications of the actual item.

・It takes time to complete (about 2 months)

For other details, please ask the store staff.

custom leather jacket front

Approximately 5 years have passed. It is said that he created the curled collar himself.

custom leather jacket sides

The feel of the elbows gives it a nice feel.

custom leather jacket zipper

The front zipper has been replaced and uses YKK's high-quality Excela zipper.

leather waist bag

The waist bag ``HFG/WAIST BAG GS-PTD'' is also popular. The image is an old specification with a logo, but currently there is no logo in the center.

Kadoya's directly managed store accepts repairs, cleaning, and custom orders. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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