How about a present other than alcohol for father's day?

This weekend, June 20th, is Father's Day! !

Every year I worry about what to give.

Like every year, I worry about what to give as a gift...

My father loves alcohol, so I gave him alcohol this year as well! I would like to say

“Standard alcoholic beverages are great, but this year I want to give a gift that is a little different than usual! ”

``Since I'm going to give it to you as a gift, I want it to be used for a long time! ”

``This year, I want to give you something a little better than usual! ”

Because of this, we are considering our HF hanger this year! !

HF logo in the center

HF hanger

In the center of the hanger is the [HF] logo representing the brand HEAD FACTORY , which is produced at our main factory.

It definitely goes well with the HEAD FACTORY jacket!

HF hanger 3

The logo on the hanger and the [HEAD FACTORY] tag on the jacket definitely go well together!

If you're looking for a different gift than usual

If you're looking for a different Father's Day gift than usual, please consider giving this a try!

We also recommend the conveniently sized Boston bag KM/MINI BOSTON-OV as a gift candidate.
If you want to know more, please check out this photolog! !

Photolog: Boston bag with just the right size

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