Updated single riders "EURUS"

A single rider jacket "EURUS" designed to evolve while maintaining a traditional style.

"EURUS" is a jacket that stands out for its simple design.

You should be able to feel the attention to detail in various parts, such as the range of motion of the sleeves, the moderate size, and the shape of the action pleats on the back.

I would like you to feel its riding performance and natural wearing feeling.

Single rider EURUS front

Single rider EURUS side

Single rider EURUS operation

Full equipment is possible with the optional protector.

In addition, it is designed to maintain a sharp impression without impairing practicality even when the protector is attached.

This is a casual content, but I think it's a psychological functionality that will be the point.

Please check it out at the store.

H: 183 cm W: 63 kg L size wearing

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