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Article: worn! saw! used! "18th" Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

worn! saw! used! "18th" Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

worn! saw! used! "18th"
Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report


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"Kadoya is synonymous with leather wear, but recently we are also focusing on fabric-like jackets and innerwear. Among them, "BOOTS SOCKS" is "Something like this?!" . These are socks made by Kadoya!!

kadoya official online

Many of you may have seen it in rockers style!

Tucking the hem into the sock is a sock culture represented by motorcycle riders in the 1960s, a style that was devised and popular in England. After that, it was a style that could have become the formal wear of ROCKERS.

kadoya official online

According to Kadoya, ``Originally, British SEA BOOT SOCKS (socks worn under boots for fishing) are used to tuck the hem of the pants. It seems to have come in handy in England, where it is cold, damp and windy.It is easy to understand as a biker icon."

I see, the reason why you can become a more advanced player by wearing them over your boots! Certainly, rather than saying "I feel more fashionable!" , I thought that "Is it close to the atmosphere of a professional outdoor person?"

kadoya official online

It seems that authentic British products are difficult to wear except in winter due to wool and wool x acrylic. Therefore, Kadoya has commercialized 100% cotton that can be worn all year round. These socks are carefully made by a small sock knitting shop that is made in Japan, so even though they are called socks, they are made with first-class Kadoya quality!

kadoya official online

Challenge yourself to wear TURN OVER with the upper part folded back!

This is the reason why you can raise the degree of Britishness more. I don't have a foreign car, so I hope you can feel that "Japanese cars are also good!" If you turn it over with Kadoya's LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER like Nandi, you'll be a fashion expert!!

kadoya official online

Beginners can create an eye-catching footwear just by putting socks in. If you are proud of being a fashion-conscious assistant chief, you should gradually incorporate non-rockers models. I am happy that it is an item that can be used with everyday clothes. The future of motorcycle riding is entering the "age of socks-in"!

The person who wrote this article / Nandy Kosuge

A freelance writer who is active in various motorcycle magazines.

When his first book, "Anime Bike Book" was published in 4c/7 pages in the French motorcycle magazine "Integral", it was widely introduced as "OTAKU D'EXTERIEUR", an exploration of motorcycles and anime. person.

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