Innovative biker style sneakers

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A high-cut leather sneaker created by combining sneakers and boots.

The supple cowhide and the slanted back shaft are functionally designed for a stress-free fit even when riding.

The leather upper can wrinkle as you wear it, and it also changes over time, which is unique to leather.

A hybrid pair that combines the lightness of sneakers with the durability of boots.


kadoya official online

In order to match the supple leather that clearly shows wrinkles, the bottoms are daringly rolled up to create an attractive styling.

Perfect for rough and free style riders. Not too casual like regular sneakers

Point ①

kadoya official online

Pride as a riding boot

The suede that is the same color as the upper is attached to the toe in consideration of the shift change of the bike. Casually, don't forget the function as a riding boot

Point ②

kadoya official online

shaft part

The heel is also reinforced with suede considering the wear caused by riding. It is also worth noting that the rear part of the shaft is made of a different material to improve exercise performance.

Point ③

kadoya official online

replaceable sole

The sole uses shark sole. Moreover, it is surprising that the sole can be replaced. You can continue to use it without hesitation even after the leather has become familiar and it has become your own specification.

Point ④

kadoya official online

brand name

The Alta Case engraving is casual on the shaft so that you can continue to use it without hesitation even after you become familiar with the leather and make it your own. This is the result of emphasizing the overall design and valuing the overall beautiful line rather than the brand name.

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